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Book Ferries to Italy, Greece, & Crete with Anek Superfast - Ancona, Igoumenitsa, Patras, Piraeus & More!

You can use to book an Anek Superfast ferry to mainland Greece, Crete and Italy. Anek Superfast is a joint venture between Anek Lines and Superfast Ferries. The joint service was put in place to optimise capacity for the demand on the Ancona-Igoumenitsa-Patras route. always has cheap prices for Anek Lines ferries and the latest special offers.

You can use to book Anek Superfast ferries to Heraklion, Piraeus, Igoumenitsa, Patras, and Ancona. See below for all Anek Superfast routes and the latest prices and sailing times. Click on your ferry route for a detailed Anek Superfast timetable.

Anek Superfast Offers - Our Lowest Prices & Deals

  • Piraeus - Heraklion

    • 1 x Foot Passenger(s) Return
      Travel: 21/06/2016 - 23/06/2016
    • from: £58
    • ANEK Superfast
    • passenger(s)

Anek Superfast Offers - Our Lowest Prices & Deals

  • Piraeus - Heraklion

    • Car + 2 Return
      Travel: 01/08/2016 - 24/08/2016
    • from: £241
    • ANEK Superfast
    • passenger(s)

Anek Superfast Offers - Our Lowest Prices & Deals

  • Piraeus - Heraklion

    • Car + 4 Return
      Travel: 30/07/2016 - 12/08/2016
    • from: £356
    • ANEK Superfast
    • passenger(s)

Anek Superfast Ferries Sailing Information & Ferry Times

  • Igoumenitsa - Ancona

    • Timetable
    • up to 2 crossings per day
    • 15hrs 30mins
  • Patras - Ancona

  • Ancona - Igoumenitsa

    • Timetable
    • up to 2 crossings per day
    • 15hrs 30mins
  • Ancona - Patras

  • Piraeus - Heraklion

  • Heraklion - Piraeus

On board Anek Superfast ferries

Anek Lines and Superfast Ferries have combined to form a larger fleet.

On board an Anek Superfast ferry you will find a full range of facilities. In addition to a choice of comfortable cabins and seats you will find a la carte and self service restuarants and bars. In the summer months you might also consider taking a dip in the on-deck swimming pool to really start your holiday with a splash.

You can now book the 'Camping On Board' service with Camping on board offers customers a great value for money service which is available on all Anek Lines routes except Venice - Patras. The camping on board service is only valid for passengers travelling with a motor home or caravan. For the price of a simple a deck ticket per person plus the price for the vehicle, you can sleep in your motor home or caravan and have free access to 220V electricity and the use of the shower and toilet facilities.

Whether you use the Anek Superfast Piraeus Heraklion ferry route, the Anek Superfast Igoumenitsa Ancona ferry service, the Anek Superfast Patras Ancona ferry or any other ferry from Anek Superfast, you are bound to have a relaxing and enjoyable journey. So what are you waiting for?

Anek Superfast Routes Map

All ANEK Superfast Reviews

based on 64 reviews
ANEK Superfast
  • 02 October 2015
    From Italy to Greece with love
    • Bari to Igoumenitsa with ANEK Superfast

      This ferry service is efficient, comfortable and friendly. The cabins provide for your needs, even giving you a wake-up call and realising where you are disembarking.

      Review by ALAN FULLWOOD, Couple.

  • 24 September 2015
    We survived...
    • Igoumenitsa to Venice with ANEK Superfast

      If you travel with kids be well prepared for all kind of harsh on-board conditions as ship will be incredibly over-crowded. Minimize the contact with staff particularly the one with the reception desk as they can be unbelievably rude and not helpful...

      Review by ully, Family with young children.

  • 06 August 2015
    Piraeus to Chania with ANEK Superfast
    • Piraeus to Chania with ANEK Superfast

      Everything is perfect,ship,cabins,restaurants,stuff....

      Review by MARIJA SIMIC, Family with young children.

  • 08 January 2015
    Best of a poor choice
    • Igoumenitsa to Ancona with ANEK Superfast

      Very expensive cabins make this route a necessary evil but at least Superfast boats are clean and a little quicker. Loading and unloading appalling as usual on these routes. Allow at least one hour for unloading from time of arrival.

      Review by Anonymous, Couple.

  • 01 January 2015
    Comfortable trip
    • Piraeus to Chania with ANEK Superfast

      A staff member helped to carry the luggage to the cabin. F/B Elyros is very modern and clean ship.

      Review by Cristian, Couple.

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