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Book Eurotunnel Tickets to France from the UK with - Folkestone to Calais

Eurotunnel provide a rail service that links the UK with France by car shuttle trains allowing passengers to access the continent with their vehicle without travelling by ferry. The journey takes about 35 minutes. always has cheap prices for Eurotunnel trains and the latest special offers.

Eurotunnel travels between Folkestone in the UK and Calais in France. See below for the latest Eurotunnel prices and timetables. Click on your route in the second table for a detailed Eurotunnel timetable with arrival and departure times.

Eurotunnel Offers - Our Lowest Prices & Deals

  • Calais - Folkestone

    • Car + 2 Return
      Travel: 02/06/2016 - 03/06/2016
    • from: £51
    • EuroTunnel
    • passenger(s)

Eurotunnel Offers - Our Lowest Prices & Deals

  • Calais - Folkestone

    • Car + 4 Return
      Travel: 02/06/2016 - 03/06/2016
    • from: £51
    • EuroTunnel
    • passenger(s)

Eurotunnel Sailing Information & Ferry Times

  • Calais - Folkestone

    • Timetable
    • up to 73 crossings per day
    • 35mins
  • Folkestone - Calais

    • Timetable
    • up to 78 crossings per day
    • 35mins

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Eurotunnel Crossing information

Eurotunnel passengers remain with their vehicle for the duration of the short 35 minute crossing. You are free to relax in your vehicle or get out and stretch your legs. Visual display screens on board provide information about the journey and staff are on-hand throughout the journey as well as when you arrive and leave to help and answer any questions.

From the UK Eurotunnel is easily reached via the M25 and M20. Simply leave junction 11a to go straight to the Eurotunnel check in. You must check in at least 30 minutes and no more than two hours before your departure time. You can buy fast food and snacks at the Eurotunnel passenger service.

Nothing is simpler and faster than Eurotunnel's drive on drive off Folkestone - Calais service. So what are you waiting for? Book now.

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All EuroTunnel Reviews

based on 243 reviews
  • 28 December 2015
    Cologne Christmas markets
    • Folkestone to Calais with EuroTunnel

      There were delays but instead of leaving us where we had facilities they called us to board where we then had to sit for 2 hrs in our vehicles. I'm going back to using the ferries

      Review by JAMES WOOLLEY, Couple.

  • 26 December 2015
    Off for the day
    • Folkestone to Calais with EuroTunnel

      The night before the TV had shown people waiting for 6 hours because one tunnel had to be closed. When we arrived at 8 a.m. everything was in order. We were particularly pleased when returning that evening because we were offered the chance to leave early. It was pouring with rain and no fun to hang about. Excellent service. We shall use it again

      Review by JOHN JONES, Couple.

  • 16 September 2015
    • Calais to Folkestone with EuroTunnel

      Chaos, 4 hour delay, no information, first and last trip on Eurotunnel.

      Review by RICHARD WALSH, Couple.

  • 02 September 2015
    Fast efficient
    • Folkestone to Calais with EuroTunnel

      We travelled at a very busy time, Saturday in August but there was only a small delay in our departure time. We had a long journey in France so it was worth the extra cost of the tunnel for the speedy crossing.

      Review by John, Family with young children.

  • 24 August 2015
    Perfect experience- ignore the media!
    • Folkestone to Calais with EuroTunnel

      With all the uproar in the media at the moment we decided to leave our hotel in Folkestone super early to beat all the traffic/queues/ potential issues at the port. We drove straight there- no traffic, no queues, no issues. In fact it went so smoothly that we were put on a crossing 2 hours prior to our scheduled trip. Great experience, very friendly and helpful staff, would recommend to anyone.

      Review by Hannah Mason, Family with young children.

Pet Booking Information

You can book your cat or dog on a Eurotunnel train with Just choose your route and then select the number of cats or dogs you are sailing with. If you don't see this option, please call us before you make your booking.

Note that when returning to the UK pets are required to go to the Pet Control Building at the French terminal.

Note that to take your pet to and from the UK to mainland Europe and Ireland you will need a pet passport. To find out more about pet passports and travelling with your pet see our pet travel guide.

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