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General answers

Q. Are the ferries accessible to disabled / reduced mobility passengers and can you arrange any assistance when boarding?

A. A large number of ferries are well adapted to suit the needs of disabled / reduced mobility passengers, although the ferry operators are not always able to offer all onboard facilities, and some routes are not suitable for disabled / reduced mobility passengers. The following services are normally offered by the ferry operators, however please note that these services must be requested well before departure or at the check-in time. We advise all customers wishing assistance in boarding to check-in much earlier than the latest check-in times.

  • Your car to be positioned close to the lift on the car deck.
  • Use of wheelchair in the terminal and on the ship.

Q. What is the minimum age for a child travelling alone?

A. This depends on the operator with which you wish to travel. Usually, children are permitted to travel alone from the age of 16, providing they have a letter of permission from a parent or guardian.

Q. Can you provide a baby cot in my cabin?

A. Most ferry operators can supply cots for use in cabins, however some operators may not offer this facility. Please contact us with your booking reservation number to arrange for a cot to be booked for you.

Q. Who do I contact if I have lost some property on the ferry?

A. As we are a booking agent, we do not have any means of obtaining lost property. Please contact the ferry operator directly.

Q. Can I obtain a VAT receipt for my ferry booking?

A. No. Ferry bookings, excluding freight bookings, are not subject to VAT and as such we cannot issue VAT receipts.

Q. Are there taxi companies located near to the port? How can I book a taxi?

A. This will differ from port to port, so it pays to research the port ahead of travel. The majority of ports will have taxi services within the terminal, or very close by. It's worth booking in advance if you can.

Q. Are there any vacancies available at your company?

A. Yes, we are always looking for new enthusiastic staff with a good attitude. For more information about specific vacancies please click here. Please note for onboard vacancies you should contact the ferry operator directly.

Booking answers

Q. I am trying to book with different numbers of passengers on the outbound and return journeys. How can I do this?

A. We are not currently able to offer the facility to make one booking with different numbers of passengers on the outbound and return legs of the journey. However, this can be done as 2 separate bookings. For example, if you wish to make a booking with 2 people travelling outbound and one person returning, you can book as follows:

1. First booking for 1 person return
2. Second booking for 1 person single


1. First booking for 2 people outbound only
2. Second booking for return leg for one person.

Q. Should the driver be included in the total number of passengers?

A. Yes, please enter the total number of people travelling including the driver. The drop-down box for passengers refers to the total number of passengers in your party.

Q. When I select a month I cannot see any dates or times. What does this mean?

A. If there are no dates showing on the month you have selected or there is no time showing on the date you have selected, then this means that there are currently no timetables available online for that selection. Please select alternative dates to proceed with the booking. We make every effort to update the schedules online as soon as the timetables are available to us.

Q. Can I book an open return?

A. No, unfortunately it is not possible to book open return tickets with AFerry.

Q. I would like to make a booking without a vehicle. How can I do this?

A. To make a foot passenger booking, please select 'Foot passenger' from the Vehicle dropdown at stage 2 of the booking process. Please note some routes do not permit foot passengers. If you wish to travel as a foot passenger but the option to select foot passenger in the vehicle drop-down menu does not appear, this means that the route you have selected does not accept foot passengers. Please do NOT make a booking for a vehicle if you intend to travel as a foot passenger, as we may not be able to refund the booking.

Q. How can I get the cheapest price?

A. Our cheapest ferries are all available online; the prices quoted online are our lowest fares for the route/date/time combination that you have selected.

Most fares are demand driven, so we advise you to book early and avoid peak sailings if possible.

If you are flexible with the routes and dates that you can travel, you can use our Compare prices form to find the lowest fares.

Q. When I use the compare price facility, one of the prices shown appears in red, what does this mean?

A. The quote that appears in "red" is the closest match to the dates and timings you have selected in the drop down of the compare price booking engine. This quote is in red only to highlight this fact.

Q. How do I book a bicycle?

A. Please select Bicycle from the vehicle drop down menu and proceed with the booking. Please note a separate booking will need to be made for each bicycle. If Bicycle does not appear in the vehicle drop-down menu it is because that option is not available for that route.

Unfortunately, we do not offer the option to book a bicycle through our Compare Price facility; please use the `Book by Route' form to obtain a quote and book.

Q. The price I am quoted now is more expensive than when I last looked. Why is this?

A. The prices you see online are only valid at the time of the quote. As many ferry operators use a demand-driven pricing structure, the price may change according to availability. Therefore, we advise booking early to obtain the cheapest prices.

Q. Are all taxes and fuel surcharges included in the price I have been quoted?

A. In most cases, all taxes and fuel surcharges are included in the price quoted. However, in a few cases, the ferry operator may apply these charges upon arrival at the port. If this is the case, you will be informed of this at the quote stage of the booking process.

Q. How do I know which ferry operator I have booked with?

A. Once you have made your booking, you will receive your on-screen and email booking confirmation. The email confirmation includes the ferry operating company, your booking reference number, check-in time and other essential information. Also, if you look at the terms and conditions for your quotation/booking you will see the operator you have chosen for your routes.

Q. If I make a booking online, will I receive any tickets?

A. In most cases you will not receive tickets if you make your booking through us. When your booking as been completed, you will receive an on screen BOOKING REFERENCE NUMBER which will at the same time be confirmed by email. Unless given specific instructions on your booking confirmation, we recommend that you print a copy of your email booking confirmation and present a copy of it, together with photo ID, at the check-in point, and you will be issued with your travel documents.

In some cases you will be advised to print one or more copies of your email booking confirmation as this is your ticket.

If you book any crossing operated by SNCM, we will send you travel documents by email, normally within 2 working days of booking. These documents must be printed out and presented at check-in, in order for you to be allowed to travel on your booking.

Q. How do I use the map on the home page?

A. Firstly, choose the country from which you would like to start your journey and click on the map. You will be given a choice of ports in that country. Secondly, click on the departure port to select that route. If there is more than one route from that port a box will appear - click on the correct route to select it.

Q. Does the website support all browsers?

A. We support most modern web browsers including Safari and Firefox and we always suggest you have the latest browser installed.

Vehicle answers

Q. I will be travelling in a rental car. Can I book online as I don't yet know the make or registration number of the car?

A. Yes, you can still book online even if you don't know the make or registration number of the car. Simply enter "Rental Car" in the vehicle registration field and the expected size of the car, e.g. Small, Regular, MPV etc in the Make/Model field. We would advise that you check that your rental car may be taken on the journey that you are proposing before confirming your booking.

Q. Can I book online if I am travelling in a van or any other commercial vehicle?

A. Currently only non-commercial, car-based vans (height less than 1.8m) can generally be booked over the Internet, and only if the 'Van' option can be selected from the Method Of Transport list. Due to customs regulations, transit-style vans are sometimes not allowed to travel under a Tourist ticket, and may be charged at a higher rate.

If you are travelling for commercial purposes, please check for prices. Failure to declare your vehicle correctly may result in an additional payment at the port and/or refusal to accept the ticket purchased..

Q. I am travelling in a van but it has been converted to have sleeping accommodation. How do I book this?

A. This will depend on the operator with which you are travelling. If the vehicle is a transit-style van and is registered as such, please contact us to obtain a quote and to make a booking. If the vehicle is registered as a motorhome (you can find this information on your vehicle registration documents), then it can be booked as a motorhome. Please ensure the vehicle dimensions are entered correctly on the booking form to avoid delays/additional charges at port.

Q. Does it matter if I have a roof box/bicycle rack attached to my car?

A. Yes. Please make sure that you select your vehicle as a non-standard car and enter your vehicle dimensions correctly, including any attached racks/boxes. Failure to enter vehicle dimensions correctly may lead to problems at port, such as additional charges or not enough space being available for you to board the ferry.

Q. How do I book with a trailer?

A. Please select "Car and Trailer" or "Motorhome and Trailer" or "Van and Trailer" and select the appropriate dimensions for both the vehicle and the trailer and proceed with the booking. Please note that if the vehicle is an MPV, SUV or a 4x4, then please select "Car and trailer" as the option and select the correct dimensions.

Unfortunately, we do not offer the option to book a trailer through our Compare Price facility; please use the `Book by Route' facility to obtain a quote and book.

Q. If I change my car, can I transfer the booking to my new vehicle?

A. Yes, provided the new vehicle falls within the dimensions of the original vehicle booked and is the same category of vehicle (e.g. car, van, motorhome), we can change this for you; please note a £10.00 administrative charge will be made to amend the vehicle details. If the new vehicle is larger than that originally booked, please contact us at your earliest convenience so that we can amend your booking. Failure to do this may result in extra charges at the port.

Q. How do I book more than one motorcycle?

A. You can only book one motorcycle/vehicle per booking; you need to make separate bookings if you wish to book more than one motorcycle.

Cabins/Seats answers

Q. Is it compulsory to book onboard accommodation, e.g. seats/cabins?

A. Onboard accommodation is usually only required on overnight crossings. If onboard accommodation is compulsory, and you have not selected sufficient accommodation, you will be notified during the booking process.

Q. If I under occupy a cabin, will I be required to share the cabin?

A. No, cabins are usually for sole use - unless stated otherwise.

Q. Do I select the number of cabins needed or the number of berths?

A. Please select the number of cabins you require. You will only select the number of berths required if you have selected a shared cabin. When booking seats, please enter the number of seats needed.

AFerry Ltd does not guarantee that the information on this Site (including without limitation prices, descriptions or dates) is free from errors or omissions but we will use all reasonable endeavours to correct any errors or omissions as soon as practicable once they have been brought to our attention. Prices are correct at time of publication - 02/01/2014.

Please visit our Terms of Use page for further details.

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