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About France

France is the most visited country in the world, and with many attractions and sights to amuse and entertain the visitor, it's easy to see why. From prominent landmarks such as Paris' Eiffel Tower and L'Arc de Triomphe, to the spectacular scenery and coastline of Western and Southern France, with its many vineyards and tranquil beaches. The French Alps boast stunning mountain ranges and appeals to those seeking winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding.

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France Offers - Our Lowest Prices & Deals

  • Portsmouth - Caen

    • 1 x Foot Passenger(s) Return
      Travel: 09/12/2016 - 10/12/2016
    • from: £24
    • Brittany Ferries
    • passenger(s)

France Offers - Our Lowest Prices & Deals

  • Folkestone - Calais

    • Car + 2 Return
      Travel: 08/12/2016 - 09/12/2016
    • from: £51
    • EuroTunnel
    • passenger(s)

France Offers - Our Lowest Prices & Deals

  • Dover - Dunkirk

    • Car + 4 Return
      Travel: 07/12/2016 - 07/12/2016
    • from: £49
    • DFDS Seaways
    • passenger(s)

France Travel Guide

Discover fantastic shopping, a rich history, changing landscapes and amazing food and wine. France gave the world champagne, over 365 kinds of cheese, and some of the world's most famous artists. Take a ferry to France and discover Britain's favourite holiday destination

France is the largest country in Europe, offering a spectacular variety of scenery, from the mountain ranges of the Alps and Pyrenees to the attractive river valleys of the Loire, Rhone and Dordogne and the flatter countryside in Normandy and on the Atlantic coast. The country has some 1,800 miles of coastlines to enjoy.

The weather changes frequently throughout the year as the Atlantic influences the climate of the western coastal areas from the Loire to the Basque region. Expect a mild climate and frequent rain; however, summers can be very hot and sunny. Visit the south of France, where you can enjoy the warm Mediterranean climate throughout the whole Riviera. Alternatively head inland to the French slopes of the Pyrenees or the Alps for some of the world's best skiing throughout the winter.

There is no denying that France is a land of great contrasts, offering an endless choice of enticing places to visit, a rich diversity of landscapes, cuisines, climates and people, with an exceptional cultural heritage.

The Eiffel Tower
The Eiffel Tower is one of the most iconic sights in Paris

Travel in France

Take your family and a car across the channel to France and explore the country via the excellent network of roads. Remember traffic drives on the right. Motorways (autoroutes) bear the prefix 'A' and some of these will be toll roads (autoroutes à péage). National roads (routes nationales) are marked 'N' while minor roads are classed as 'D' roads.

There are certain laws you need to know about before driving in France:

  • If your sat-nav is able to detect speed camera locations, leave it at home. If you are found to be driving with one of these in your car, regardless of whether it's turned on or not, you can be fined 1500 euros.
  • All vehicles are legally obliged to carry a breathalyser kit. It is strongly advised that you carry several of these. Use one before driving if you have consumed alcohol, and the others as backup if you are checked. Breathalyser kits can be bought at the port.
  • The drink drive limit in France is 50mg of alcohol in 100ml of blood. Bear in mind this is significantly lower than the UK limit of 80mg per 100ml of blood. Our best advice is not to drink alcohol at all if you are driving.

Many travel guides to France will have you believe that getting around France by train is easy. This is mostly a lie. To be fair, there are a lot of good, fast, clean railway links between major cities. There is also a lot of France not covered by railway, and strikes are frequent and annoying. For best results, remember to book in advance on the internet and pick up your ticket at the station.

As a word of warning, if you are travelling on TGV, bear in mind that TGV trains often run doubled up and then split at different stations. Ensure you are on the right train, or you might find yourself on a surprise visit to a destination you didn't want to visit.

Many travel guides to France will have you believe that getting around France by train is easy. This is mostly a lie.

The Arc de Triomphe
The Arc de Triomphe at night

Things to see

The capital of France, Paris, and its famous Eiffel Tower, make a popular destination for holidays or weekend breaks. Why not combine a stay in Paris with a visit to Disneyland. When you catch a ferry to France, Normandy and Brittany are within close reach of regular ferry crossings, as are all the hyper-markets around Calais where you can make big savings on food, drinks and cigarettes. Many people head to the Normandy coast either for its lively night life or the Norman countryside, with its cool, wooded valleys and its beech and pine forests that offer a haven of peace and tranquillity.

You may also discover the french Atlantic Coast & Cognac Country region, Poitou-Charentes, with the beautiful city of La Rochelle, the white island Ile de Ré, the Oléron island and the old city of Poitiers. A nice region for family holidays and short breaks.

A long, rugged coastline, vast bays of glorious beaches, and a secretive, almost mystical interior is the lasting impression of Brittany. This most westward region of France, where the Bretons speak their ancient language and carry on age-old traditions, always seems a little out of step with mainstream France, but the many attractions welcome visitors in their thousands year after year. Visit France's numerous cathedrals, including Reims, where Clovis (the first French king) was baptised, Chartres and Tours.

This most westward region of France, where the Bretons speak their ancient language and carry on age-old traditions, always seems a little out of step with mainstream France, but the many attractions welcome visitors in their thousands year after year.

AFerry.co.uk offers the best way to find the cheapest ferry routes to France with its easy to use booking form. Begin your holiday on a ferry and start relaxing straight away!

Ferries to France Timetables & Sailing Information

  • Dover - Calais (DFDS Seaways)

    • Timetable
    • up to 15 crossings per day
    • 1hr 30mins
    • DFDS Seaways
  • Dover - Calais (P&O Ferries)

    • Timetable
    • up to 23 crossings per day
    • 1hr 30mins
    • P&O Ferries
  • Dover - Dunkirk (DFDS Seaways)

  • Portsmouth - Caen (Brittany Ferries)

    • Timetable
    • up to 3 crossings per day
    • from 5hrs 45mins
    • Brittany Ferries
  • Portsmouth - St Malo (Brittany Ferries)

    • Timetable
    • up to 2 crossings per day
    • from 8hrs 30mins
    • Brittany Ferries
  • Poole - Cherbourg (Brittany Ferries)

    • Timetable
    • up to 7 crossings per week
    • 4hrs 15mins
    • Brittany Ferries
  • Portsmouth - Cherbourg (Brittany Ferries)

  • Plymouth - Roscoff (Brittany Ferries)

    • Timetable
    • up to 2 crossings per day
    • from 6hrs
    • Brittany Ferries
  • Poole - St Malo (Condor Ferries)

  • Newhaven - Dieppe (DFDS)

    • Timetable
    • up to 4 crossings per day
    • from 4hrs
    • DFDS
  • Folkestone - Calais (EuroTunnel)

    • Timetable
    • up to 76 crossings per day
    • 35mins
    • EuroTunnel
  • Cherbourg - Dublin (Irish Ferries)

    • Timetable
    • Infrequent crossings
    • 19hrs 30mins
    • Irish Ferries
  • Dublin - Cherbourg (Irish Ferries)

  • Dublin - Cherbourg (Irish Ferries)

  • Granville - Jersey/St Helier (Manche Iles Express)

    • Timetable
    • up to 4 crossings per week
    • 1hr 20mins
    • Manche Iles Express
  • Jersey/St Helier - Granville (Manche Iles Express)

    • Timetable
    • up to 4 crossings per week
    • 25mins
    • Manche Iles Express

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  • 20 November 2016
    Sea crossing
    • Dover to Dunkirk with DFDS Seaways

      Very good thank you

      Review by Anonymous, Solo Traveller.

  • 20 November 2016
    • Dover to Dunkirk with DFDS Seaways

      Everything went like clockwork perhaps because the demand was low,never the less I can't fault the service.no queues no waiting once onboard the ferry was clean and comfortable

      Review by Peem, Couple.

  • 19 November 2016
    • Dover to Dunkirk with DFDS Seaways

      We use this service four times a year at least. its closer to Belgium and a relaxing experience.

      Review by Anonymous, Couple.

  • 19 November 2016
    Great Service
    • Dover to Dunkirk with DFDS Seaways

      Good morning We used AFerry to book our Nurburgring trip again Service was great food was good

      Review by Max Shand , Group.

  • 18 November 2016
    • Dover to Calais with P&O Ferries

      A very pleasant journey

      Review by David, Family with older children.

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