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You can use AFerry.co.uk to book ferries to Turkey including Marmaris, Cesme and Fethiye. Using AFerry.co.uk you will always get a great deal on your ferry to Turkey. See below for timetables and the latest special offers.

Turkey Offers - Our Lowest Prices & Deals

  • Datca - Symi

    • 1 x Foot Passenger(s) Return
      Travel: 04/03/2017 - 11/03/2017
    • from: £22
    • Dodecanese Flying Dolphins
    • passenger(s)

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Booking a ferry to or from Turkey couldn't be easier with AFerry.co.uk. You can either use the booking form at the top left of the page. Or, if you see a price you like on this page, just select the number of passengers and click go.

More About Turkey

Turkey has a rich history and cultural heritage; its position between the two continents of Europe and Asia has given Turkey the influence of many different cultures throughout history.

As such, Turkey is rich in sites of historical and archaeological interest. Turkey also boasts some splendid beaches to which tourists flock each year.

Turkey Travel Guide

Turkey is full of spectacular coastlines, incredible cuisines and a stunning array of mosques and castles that really make this country so much more original than any other country in the world.

Unique in the fact that this country is half European, half Asian and its culture is a fascinating mix of Eastern and Western tradition that makes this country so popular with overseas visitors. There is an incredible amount to see, do and explore and some of the landscapes have been completely untouched by the recent boom in tourists to this mythical country.

Travel in Turkey

For travelling long distances around Turkey by public transport, there are generally two options available: plane and bus. Surprisingly, the planes tend to be cheaper, quicker and better organised! Buses are pretty well organised and you will often get offered complimentary meals and refreshments on board. It is always worth checking before you travel however to ensure that you don't get deposited somewhere on a ring road outside of your destination town.

Buses are pretty well organised and you will often get offered complimentary meals and refreshments on board.

Trains are to be avoided if possible. Although they are often cheaper than buses, they are much slower. The rail network in Turkey is also very under developed and unhelpfully the network that is present is typically located far away from the places you will be wanting to visit as a tourist. Such, it would seem, is life.

If you are going to be spending more than about a day in Turkey, you could get yourself an AKBİL, which gives you discounts on public transport. This is effectively a little buzzing machine that you buzz when you enter a tram or bus and it spends a little bit of credit to pay for the journey. If you use it again within a certain period of time (about 90 minutes at time of writing), it gives you a cheaper ticket, saving you money.

When driving, bear in mind that the road signs in Turkey differ from those in the United Kingdom. In Turkey, green signs signify a motorway (and therefore normally a toll road) whereas blue signs signify other roads. The drink drive limit is about the same as in the UK and the use of mobile phones whilst driving is illegal.

The Maiden Tower in Istanbul
The Maiden Tower in Istanbul

Things to see in Turkey

Dozens of generations of civilisations have marched their way through Turkey and have left behind more marvels than it is possible to shake a stick at. For example, you can still go and explore the ruins of Troy, complete with a replica wooden horse (and little windows)! If you have small children, it is likely they will enjoy climbing up and down the ladders to get inside of the horse - though it is advisable to go outside of any times that large parties of school children are likely to have the same idea.

The ancient city of Istanbul is also well worth a visit. Legend has it that when the first Tsar of Russia was looking for a religion for his people, he sent out emissaries to many states in the known world. He was unimpressed with Catholic Christianity, and thought that the traditional Islamic belief in abstinence from alcohol would be incompatible with the Russian people's love of vodka. However, when his emissaries arrived in Constantinople, the city that is now Istanbul, they were taken away by the beauty and splendour of the city's churches, resulting in Russia taking Eastern Orthodox Christianity and making it their own.

Even today, Istanbul is sure to be an experience to overwhelm your senses. Of particular note are the Hagia Sofia and the Blue Mosque, two of the most beautiful buildings in the city that really show off the former glories of the Ottoman Empire. Please note that whilst Turkey is a secular country and the form of Islam held to by most is a moderate stream of Sufism, it is still a sign of respect to wear long clothes and for women to wear a headscarf when entering a mosque.

Hagia Sofia in Istanbul
The Hagia Sofia in Istanbul, a beautiful sight.

Another must see building, this time located a short distance from the centre of the capital, is the Church of St Saviour in Chora. The insides of this Byzantine church are covered in an overwhelming display of frescoes and mosaics and show off the true beauty of Orthodox Christianity.

There are many things to buy in Turkey, including silks, earthen ware and strongly flavoured honey. Bargaining is a must in Turkey, so be persistent, charming and determined. We strongly suggest, however, you don't try and buy antiques: trying to take antiques out of Turkey will result in a lengthy stay in one of its less luxurious prisons.

The insides of this Byzantine church are covered in an overwhelming display of frescoes and mosaics and show off the true beauty of Orthodox Christianity.

Ferries to Turkey Timetables & Sailing Information

  • Cesme - Chios (Erturk Lines)

    • Timetable
    • up to 2 crossings per day
    • from 20mins
    • Erturk Lines
  • Chios - Cesme (Erturk Lines)

    • Timetable
    • up to 2 crossings per day
    • from 20mins
    • Erturk Lines
  • Rhodes - Fethiye (Tuana Maritime)

    • Timetable
    • up to 7 crossings per week
    • 1hr 30mins
    • Tuana Maritime
  • Datca - Symi (Dodecanese Flying Dolphins)

  • Kos - Bodrum (Dodecanese Flying Dolphins)

    • Timetable
    • up to 7 crossings per week
    • 45mins
    • Dodecanese Flying Dolphins
  • Rhodes - Datca (Dodecanese Flying Dolphins)

  • Rhodes - Fethiye (Dodecanese Flying Dolphins)

    • Timetable
    • up to 7 crossings per week
    • 1hr 30mins
    • Dodecanese Flying Dolphins

All Ferries to Turkey Reviews

based on 13 reviews
  • 30 September 2016
    onward travel
    • Rhodes to Fethiye with Dodecanese Flying Dolphins

      Overall not bad service but the hydrofoil was rather dated and shabby but it did the job and we where soon getting on with the next leg of our holiday.

      Review by john, Family with older children.

  • 02 October 2015
    An old Tub
    • Rhodes to Fethiye with Tuana Maritime

      Took this journey on the catamaran, some of the seats were broken, the crew never uttered a work to the passengers, there was no safety talk, the boat arrived over an hour late without any explanation.

      Review by STEVE OCONNELL, Couple.

  • 24 October 2014
    An accident waiting to happen!
    • Rhodes to Fethiye with Tuana Maritime

      I hate to give bad reviews but seriously this service would have to rank as the most unsettling travel experience I have ever encountered. Why is this vessel is allowed to operate? Unexplained delays of up to 4 hours; lack of communication from port staff; no safety instructions at all on board; poor communication from the captain; overcrowding on board; passengers sitting in plastic garden chairs at the rear of the vessel; obvious lack of maintenance of the vessel etc. Being fearful of your life whilst travelling is not something I would ever want to experience again or to have anyone else experience it. In all honesty I would never recommend this service to anyone. The "Flying Poseidon" must be decommissioned before there is a disaster! It is a death trap.

      Review by Jane Bannister, Couple.

  • 24 October 2014
    An unforgettable journey!
    • Rhodes to Fethiye with Tuana Maritime

      Although we were travelling as a group (12), each couple had booked this ferry independently. Two couples were turned away at the ticket office, despite having proof of booking and payment, and offered an alternative route (ferry to Marmaris and bus from there) - they departed Rhodes at around 5:30pm. The vessel intended for the trip, the Aegean Queen, had apparently broken down on an earlier trip that day. The replacement vessel, the Flying Poseidon, is in need of repair. The scheduled departure for the trip from Rhodes to Fethiye was 4:30pm - scheduled arrival time in Fethiye 6:00pm. Actual departure time from Rhodes was around 7:30pm, the journey taking three and a quarter hours instead of one and a half hours. So, the four couples travelling on the Flying Poseidon arrived at around 10:45pm - four and three quarter hours later than scheduled. Staff to passenger communication was practically non-existent. No-one appeared to know what was going on. Boarding the vessel was a harrowing experience, with three staff members allocated to help each passenger board one by one. Each passenger was instructed to 'jump' from dry land onto the vessel when deemed safe enough to do so. Infants and small children had to be handed from parents on dry land to a member of staff on the vessel - presumably deemed the safest way to get small people on board. When we were finally on board, there were no safety instructions to be found, no communications from the staff to very nervous passengers as to emergency procedures, eta, etc. Many lights weren't working, some areas were in complete darkness. Unbeknown to us, our luggage was outside, exposed to the elements. Well into the trip a garbled message, presumably in Turkish, was relayed through a faulty PA system. No-one understood what was being said. All in all, this was a very unpleasant and frightening experience. We can confidently say that rather than recommending the Flying Poseidon, we would advise avoiding that mode of travel at any cost. Needless to say, our friends travelling the alternative route via Marmaris (two couples), had a far more pleasant experience. And, they arrived at our destination considerably earlier and considerably less stressed than the rest of us (four couples).

      Review by Susan and Paul Graham, Group.

  • 08 June 2014
    Quick & Stable Journey
    • Cesme to Chios with Erturk Lines

      Took only 45 minutes, as schedule. No trouble at all. The Ferry seems to be a bit old, but no problem on the facility.

      Review by Momochinboo, Couple.

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