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You can use to book an FRS ferry to Spain, Gibraltar and Morocco. FRS boast ultra-fast ferries, bridging the gap between Europe and North Africa. always has cheap prices for FRS Ferries and the latest special offers.

You can use to book FRS ferries to Algeciras, Tanger Med, Tanger Ville, Tarifa and Ceuta. See below for the latest FRS ferries prices and sailing times. Click on your ferry route for a detailed timetable.

FRS Ferries Offers - Our Lowest Prices & Deals

  • Algeciras - Tanger Med

    • 1 x Foot Passenger(s) Return
      Travel: 09/03/2017 - 10/03/2017
    • from: £30
    • FRS
    • passenger(s)

FRS Ferries Offers - Our Lowest Prices & Deals

  • Algeciras - Tanger Med

    • Car + 2 Return
      Travel: 08/03/2017 - 22/03/2017
    • from: £127
    • FRS
    • passenger(s)

FRS Ferries Offers - Our Lowest Prices & Deals

  • Algeciras - Tanger Med

    • Car + 4 Return
      Travel: 16/07/2017 - 04/08/2017
    • from: £153
    • FRS
    • passenger(s)

FRS Ferries Sailing Information & Ferry Times

  • Algeciras - Ceuta

  • Ceuta - Algeciras

  • Tanger Ville - Tarifa

    • Timetable
    • up to 4 crossings per day
    • from 59mins
  • Tarifa - Tanger Ville

  • Algeciras - Tanger Med

  • Tanger Med - Algeciras

    • Timetable
    • up to 4 crossings per day
    • 1hr 30mins
  • Motril - Tanger Med

  • Tanger Med - Motril

FRS Ferries Fleet and onboard facilities

FRS ferries bill themselves as 'The Fastest Link to Africa' and they offer the fastest crossing on the Strait of Gibraltar with the ferry from Tarifa to Tanger (Tangier).

All of their fleet is extremely modern and they offer a relaxing and professional service. Their largest vessel is called the Tanger Jet II and can accommodate 900 passengers. It can hold 238 cars or 10 trucks and 150 cars.

FRS Ferries Routes Map

All FRS Reviews

based on 24 reviews
  • 09 September 2016
    Only one passport...long long queues.
    • Tanger Med to Algeciras with FRS

      Per advice on our booking e-mail we arrived very early for the 8am ferry. However because there was only one passport-checking officer present the queue was exorbitantly long and slow, causing us to miss our ferry. We were placed on the 11am one instead, causing us to miss our train from Algerciras to Sevilla, which ultimately resulted us in only reaching the latter at 11pm, by which time the hotel had canceled our booking there due to a no-show. I suggest Tanger Med be re-organized with more staff to facilitate travelers passing through more speedily, and that there be signs outside telling you where to go as we hadnt a clue where to collect our tickets without risking missing our ferry. We had to go through security first, but there was no way to know the ticket office was inside that particular building or elsewhere.

      Review by Nick Winser, Family with young children.

  • 18 August 2015
    It got us there. Sort of.
    • Algeciras to Tanger Med with FRS

      After filling out the customs forms and standing in a line labeled "passport control" for about an hour on the way there, then getting to the front and learning it wasn't passport control after all, we stood in another line for about half an hour, and then we finally got the stupid stamp and got off the boat. However, we were then ushered onto a shuttle that took us to a train station in the middle of nowhere, and there was no FRS transport to Tangier in sight. We asked a very nice man who spoke English in the train station, and he had never heard of the FRS shuttle to Tangier, but he finally got us onto public transport and we made it to our hotel (he saved the trip for us, thank you Adnan). The next day, we took a taxi back to the port to go back to Spain, and the return ride was a lot easier (no paperwork or stamp required on the boat). I would recommend going from Tarifa to Tangier, the Tanger Med option was very unpleasant.

      Review by Anonymous, Couple.

  • 21 October 2014
    • Algeciras to Tanger Med with FRS

      Allowed time for boats to be late as usual. 1st ferry on time, 2nd on time until office staff came on 5min before leaving to do a H&S inspection thus delaying departure. Very inconsiderate.

      Review by Anonymous, Couple.

  • 23 July 2014
    Fast Travel
    • Algeciras to Ceuta with FRS

      When we were on board the ferry trip was pretty fast and easy.

      Review by Anonymous, With Friends.

  • 05 June 2014
    Easy Passage
    • Tanger Med to Algeciras with FRS

      Our passage from Africa into Europe was so easy and went like clockwork from go. The online booking process with AFerry was easy and they gave us a reminder a few days prior to the voyage. The new Tangier Med port was fantastic and the staff very helpful, so that any confusion about where to go, what to do just didn't exist. Even the unofficial guy who filled in our passport forms and then asked for a tip was ok! The journey itself was an easy one, the only criticism being a lack of refreshments on board though for such a short passage this was of little consequence. The crew on-board fire drill was extremely impressive as they extinguished a "fire" just near where we were sitting. I would definitely have no qualms in using this route again or recommending it to others.

      Review by Steve Jones, NZ, Couple.

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