Eurotunnel to take control of French ferry ports?

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Eurotunnel to take control of French ferry ports?

Date: 28 February 2013

Channel Tunnel operator Eurotunnel is to attempt to make further inroads into the ferry market by taking control of two major French ports, it has been claimed.

According to a report in The Times, the company is to launch a bid to take over the management of both Calais and nearby Boulogne.

Calais is one of the most important ports in cross-Channel transport, with several ferries from the UK sailing to the destination each day.

Boulogne, meanwhile, currently does not host any cross-Channel ferry services but has done so in the recent past, and may do so again in the future.

The news comes shortly after the UK's Competition Commission criticised Eurotunnel's recent entry into the cross-Channel ferry market after it launched the MyFerryLink service operating between Dover and Calais.

Critics have claimed the move gives the company too great a control over travel between France and the UK and as such is anti-competitive.

Posted by Andrew Smith

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