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07 August, 2013 Holiday Trends 2013, the world's leading ferry site has been very much encouraged by the recent Sainsbury's Bank Research into holiday trends, as it reflects the boom in business that is experiencing this year.

Importantly the research found that the number of Brits planning to take their car abroad has increased by a third (33%) in just three years. That means that 8.5 million UK citizens are intending to travel abroad with their car in the next twelve months. This is great news for a company selling ferry and tunnel crossings of course.

The top three destinations that Brits are intending to travel to are France, Germany (direct crossings are numerous from the UK), and Italy. actually sell ferry crossings all over the world so if you are taking the car to Italy and want to cross to Sicily or Sardinia, Elba or Capri - can sell you those tickets too. Other popular destinations from Britain include Belgium, Ireland and Spain - all directly accessible by ferry from the UK. Go on to the site, make your price comparison between the different services on offer and book there and then - it could not be easier. Plus NEW for this summer when customers book they can have free breathalysers, free mouse mats and free car stickers.

Sainsbury's Bank carried out the research to see how drivers were preparing for their trips and they then offered the following tips which thoroughly concur:

1. Do some basic checks on your car to help minimise the risk of breakdowns or accidents, e.g.: check tyre pressures, oil, brake fluid and water levels.

2. Plan your route: invest in a map or use a European route planner on the internet.

3. Call your car insurer: even if you think you have comprehensive cover abroad, it is worth calling before you leave to double check, or if required, upgrade your policy to include this.

4. Take your time: set a realistic timescale for your journey to avoid feeling pressured to drive at a pace you don't feel comfortable with, or not take enough breaks. Driving on unfamiliar roads abroad can be even more tiring than usual, so give yourself time and consider planning your route to avoid the centre of major cities where driving is likely to be most stressful.

5. Check the motoring laws for the countries you are visiting. This can be done free of charge with some organisations. If you are going to be driving in several countries across Europe make a note of the different rules that apply in each country and take this with you. Make sure you refer to the notes before you cross the border and enter each country.

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