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10 April, 2012

AFerry - what language would you like?

AFerry is proud to start 2012 as truly European in view of the number of languages one may now use to view what is the World's Leading Ferry website. From the small acorn of English, the AFerry tree is now available in twelve different languages from all over Europe.and it is still growing with the new branches that will be revealed as we travel through 2012.This is fitting for a site that takes more bookings from across Europe than from the UK where it is already very strong. The biggest growth in a single market took place in France in 2011.

AFerry can be accessed in Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Flemish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Spanish and Swedish. Top of the agenda for 2012 are translation into Russian, Portuguese and Mandarin as the growth area for ferry travel is seen generally to be unconfined to the British Isles moving towards 2013.

With each different language site there is a different emphasis on the special offers and various highlights that might appeal to a different nation. So, for example, on the Spanish language site there are a number of offers on trips to the Canary Islands and Italy, whereas on the Danish - language site the emphasis is on ferry travel to Sweden. This ease of adaptability makes the AFerry family of websites particularly user friendly.

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