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20 February, 2012

Olympic Fever for AFerry is set to do well this summer even overtaking the fabulous results from 2011 where business grew considerably (by 14% in fact). One reason for this assurance is the predicted number of people going to be travelling abroad when the Olympic Games takes place in the UK.

Research company Arkenford, which specialises in tourism and leisure market research, carried out the survey at the end of 2011 on behalf of ABTA. They found many people were looking forward to the Games but equally a large number wanted to know nothing about them. 12% of those Brits interviewed said they would be looking to travel abroad between 27th July and 12th August 2012, mostly the older generation who were less enthusiastic about attending or even watching the events.

These non-sports fans may like to consider booking their ferry crossing to escape the throngs with They have the best deals, offer a seamless service comparing the various prices on all the ferry services throughout Europe and are easy to use. So even those who decide at the very last minute to make an exit from the UK should find a ferry crossing with a very acceptable price!

For those travelling to the UK-our Continental cousins who are coming to enjoy the Games and the festivities associated with one of the great sporting events, AFerry is about to roll out the site in several languages - sixteen in fact, so bookings can be made in the language of choice!

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