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23 April, 2014 - Ten Reasons to Ferry Away this May

As the May Bank Holidays approach let's remind ourselves as to why a holiday by ferry is such a good idea. Who better to book with than - your one-stop shop for ferries from the UK and worldwide. We have two Bank Holiday weekends at the beginning and end of May so why not think about a trip, whether in the UK or further afield.

1. Cost - ferry travel can be very inexpensive and there is no better way of getting the best deal than by using the comparison website. As you enter the details of your proposed trip, will keep on searching for the very best deal for you on your chosen route, and may even suggest some variations that might better suit cost and time wise. You would seldom be able to get a better price for your crossing than with
2. Convenience - it's easy - very easy in fact, as the price is compared and the booking can be made in one place - the website. You do not have to trawl the internet looking at every ferry company's website; it is all in one place - No other comparison site does this - making the easiest and simplest site to use when booking your holiday.
3. Variety of destinations - all bookable in one place. Whether you want a few hours on the Isle of Wight, a few days in France or a few weeks in Spain - it is all do-able on the website. Destinations all over Europe from the UK and all over the Mediterranean, for example, are easy to book, and now can offer ferry travel in such far-flung spots as New Zealand, Japan and Australia.
4. Pets - you can take your pets abroad when travelling by ferry to many destinations ex-UK. The children will be happy to have their dog or budgie along with them on holiday! No confining them to the hold of an aircraft, this is civilized travel for your pet. By using the site you can find out all about what to do to take your pooch abroad - all the information is there on
5. Last minute travel. As we know here in the UK the weather can be very fickle on Bank Holidays so you might want to make the decision to travel at the very last minute when the sun peeks out from behind the clouds! With you can do just that. With so many crossings to choose from there is bound to be a ferry to take you away for a few days - whether that be to the Isle of Skye, the Isle of Man or Ireland...
6. Take what you want - no restrictions with weight of luggage. As long as it fits in the car you can take it with you - there is no weight limit on ferries! So you will not only be able to take the kitchen sink if you so desire, no one will complain if you do! How nice that the kids will not have to argue over what toys to take - they can take the lot!
7. Schedules that are people friendly! It is a little more comfortable sitting in the comfort of your own car waiting to board your ferry than joining a long and winding queue in an airport terminal. Many ferries, such as on the popular and busy Dover-Calais route, are roll-on, roll-off, so you do not even have to wait on the dockside.
8. Start your holiday on board, as ferries today tend to have great facilities, so you begin relaxing once you are on-board, not just when you reach your destination. Many ferries, especially on the longer routes, and even on the short Dover-Calais crossings are more like cruise ships. Some have spas, cinemas, a great choice of quality dining, children's clubs and entertainers, even swimming-pools!
9. Surprising services - it is quite astonishing how many things are included in the price of your ticket these days - for example `Stena Plus' where you have a free drink and snacks, papers and lounge access, priority loading, free wifi, free games and internet access all included - very different to some airlines where every single item is added on.
10. Best of all it is great value for money. There are no hidden costs, no extras for luggage or taxes; everything is very clear as to what you are paying. It can be a very inexpensive way of travelling with a number of friends or family. An affordable way of having a well-earned break.

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