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29 April, 2013 sponsor student trip

The Morocco Trip 2013 is part of project "Z Indexem w podróży" (Travel with Transcript) organised by group of Polish students from the University of Zielona Gora, who are being sponsored by for all their ferry requirements throughout their journey.

This sponsorship seems wholly appropriate as is the best way to find the best deals and the best value for money for ferry travel throughout Europe and North Africa. The site is therefore totally in-keeping with the ethos behind the student's journey. As a comparison site is exceptional, user friendly and compares timings and prices plus you can make your reservation of your chosen route right there on the Aferry site - you do not have to transfer to the website of the carrier. It could not be easier.

The idea behind the trip is to try and encourage young people, especially students who live on small budgets, to travel using low-cost independent means. In their view, if you are really eager to see the world you can do it with minimum expense and see the places you have always wanted to see. Real travellers, they say, aren't interested in luxurious amenities but yearn for the experience of getting to know diverse cultures and people. Impressed with their attitude decided to sponsor this exciting trip.

This year the students will travel in an old green minibus called `The Cucumber' from Poland to Morocco via the following countries: Germany, Holland, Belgium, United Kingdom, France, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Balearics, Andorra, Monaco, Italy, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Germany and back to Poland. Trip starts on 28th June and finishes on 23rd August.

They want their trip to be an inspiration for other youngsters. Whilst reporting on the trip via social media (YouTube, Facebook) and on their website, they will give advice on what to see and how to cope in difficult situations with very little money. Sharing travelling experiences is one option for keeping expenses to a minimum. Taking ferries en route also reduce costs. This type of trip could not be undertaken by plane or train so easily or cost effectively.

To view how the team got on in Greece watch the video on YouTube.

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