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Seacat Ferry has been taken over by Isle of Man Steam Packet. There is no need to worry though as you can find a ferry to the Isle of Man, Heysham, Liverpool, Belfast and Dublin on the Isle of Man Steam Packet page. always has the latest special offers and deals for Isle of Man Steam Packet ferries.

See below for the latest Steam Packet prices and sailing times. Click on your ferry route for a detailed Isle of Man Steam Packet timetable with arrival and departure times.

Recent Changes

Seacat has been taken over by Isle of Man Steam Packet.

On board Seacat ferries

Onboard services on Steam Packet / Seacat include a variety of restaurants serving hot meals, snack bars, bars, duty free shopping and spacious lounges and cabins.

Whether you use the Isle of Man Steam Packet / Seacat Isle of Man Liverpool route, the Steam Packet / Seacat Isle of Man Belfast line, the Steam Packet / Seacat Isle of Man Dublin ferry or any other route, you are bound to have a relaxing and pleasant journey.

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All Reviews

based on 152 reviews
  • 27 May 2016
    My first trip to isle of man
    • Heysham to Isle of Man with Isle of Man Steam Packet

      The trip was good but all travel in the uk seemed expensive to a foreigner

      Review by Anonymous, With Friends.

  • 23 August 2015
    Steam packet
    • Isle of Man to Belfast with Isle of Man Steam Packet

      The journey itself was fine once we got away, The ship coming back to the island from Belfast was very late in leaving and there was no reason given.far to late for those little kiddies.

      Review by Anonymous, Solo Traveller.

  • 02 August 2015
    First visit to IOM
    • Heysham to Isle of Man with Isle of Man Steam Packet

      Ferry was small and friendly my previous experience being across the Channel from various ports which are large and quite long- winded when it comes to boarding . Clean cheap for foot passengers and on time , although be aware lots of stairs to climb .

      Review by SusanR, Solo Traveller.

  • 12 October 2014
    Easy Trip
    • Isle of Man to Belfast with Isle of Man Steam Packet

      Our journey began in Douglas, where we arrived at the port early. Checking-in was simple, & once on board we went up to our booked lounge seats. The climb up all those stairs was a bit taxing! The crossing was without incident as the sea stayed almost flat calm. We had some food aboard, which was OK, without being remarkable. On arrival in Belfast, offloading was swiftly done.

      Review by Anthony Kerrison, Couple.

  • 07 October 2014
    Warning don't be late!
    • Heysham to Isle of Man with Isle of Man Steam Packet

      Felt like I was the lucky traveller to be using this facility, warning to other passengers don't be late for checking in! Parking is very expensive, you can probably park up the road for free! As a foot passenger doing a Mountain Bike Event, I witnessed a fellow cyclist (young girl) travelling with her mum (no bike) be told she could not walk off the deck with her daughter she would have to walk off the boat with the other foot passengers probably some Health and Safety law this pretty much summed up the whole experience really for me, poor, but no alternatives and not cheap! Viva la France! Use the cross channel most years no problem, always very helpful! Nobody screaming get off your bike and walk!! Why?? My friend missed his check in time by 20 mins as traffic is very bad near this port on a Saturday, the ferry had not sailed they would not let him check in. He had to go back home to Manchester catch the train to Liverpool then the ferry to Isle of Man. Will I sail again, yes probably but won't look forward to it!

      Review by paul robinson, Solo Traveller.

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