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All European Seaways Reviews

based on 6 reviews
European Seaways
  • 18 September 2016
    It is not marvelous but it is fine.
    • Corfu to Brindisi with European Seaways

      Passengers are not clean and ferry boats have been carrying loads of immigrants so, in these conditions the staff does what they can do. I prefer the staff to the passengers and boats are in good condition, the rest is lack of tolerance and education from people in general.

      Review by Leonora Hermes Luz, Couple.

  • 18 November 2011
    European Seaways Ionis Boat - Bari -to Durres
    • Bari to Durres with European Seaways

      The staff were helpful and friendly, barman especially. Boat ageing, facilities tired and worn, berths old, dirty and broken. Shower/bath dirty and old. Cigarette stains. Route OK but choose a different operator. Cars out on open deck.

      Review by Jeremy Williams, Couple.

  • 05 September 2011
    4 hours delay and closed information desk
    • Bari to Durres with European Seaways

      When the ferry was delayed approx 15min we've been told it will be about 1h late, then the customer service/information desk of Seaways closed theis curtain, and switched off the light just to they don't have to deal with unsatisfied clients. The ferry was delayed about 4 hours and we have to wait without any information - it was realy frustrating. Mould in the shower-room, overal poor organisation. Closed drink bar.

      Review by Tom, Family with young children.

  • 26 August 2011
    • Durres to Bari with European Seaways

      The ferry was delayed and we suppose to arrive in Bari italia at 7 am but in reality we arrived at 14.00. It was the worst journey ever with ferry. 7 hours late. The pillows were Discusting like yellow they looked they haven't being cleaned for years.

      Review by driton cakiqi, With Friends.

  • 21 July 2011
    Bad trip and boat conditions
    • Bari to Durres with European Seaways

      I would like to express my deep regret of choosing this company to travel between the mentioned ports. The problems started with the check in procedures when the office opened only at 0800 when all the others were open since almost 0700 in the morning. Taking into account the passengers' number, it would be a good policy to open with sufficient time to perform a check of the system and other equipment available within the office to avoid last minute problems. (my check-in took approx. one hour). After getting on board and departure from Bari, a big noise was heard after 10 minutes and the boat inclined for one of the sides. However, no communication was released by the crew regarding this incident. I noticed that the boat slowed down its march but i thought that some problem have occured with the engine and in the meantime would be fixed. However, the trip continued for 16 hours instead of the predicted 08 hours and no information was released by the crew through the available system on board in order to inform the passengers. You could see people sleeping all over, toillete without paper, dirty and the higienic conditions all over the boat barely supported by adults imagine by children. After a long trip of 16 hours it was my interpretation that the crew realized the problem after the departure but prefered to continue avoiding either to change to another boat or reimburse eventually the passengers. This in my point of view was intentional and not a good company policy beside the behavior of the boat crew not informing the passengers about the developments, namely the encountered problems and what we should expect, in this case a trip of 16 hours instead of the planned 08. I do not want to write more and loose more time with this comment but my advice check your policies in case of problems with the boat and the appropriate release of information to the concerned.

      Review by Helder Grilo, Solo Traveller.