Taking Caravans and Trailers on a Ferry

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    Taking Caravans and Trailers on a Ferry

Taking your caravan or trailer abroad is the perfect solution for great holidays on the cheap

With ferry travel you can easily and affordably take a caravan or trailer across the seas to some of Europe's best destinations, with the added advantage of being able to take as much luggage as you can carry. Caravan holidays remain a hugely popular way for families and couples to visit the continent, and booking a ferry crossing with a trailer is simpler than you may think.

Why take a caravan?

Taking your caravan or trailer on holiday gives you extra mobility, flexibility and the freedom to explore across Europe. Perhaps surprisingly, caravanning is increasingly popular in the UK with it estimated that almost half of all residents have been on a caravan break at some point. Driving across Europe can help you make the most of your time away, seeing parts of Europe you otherwise might miss, and is a favoured option for those who like to spend a few months on the continent at a time.

Caravanning can lead to a more independent break giving you a real flavour of local life

Carvaning in France
Take your caravan or motorhome on the ferry for a perfect holiday

Whether you are discovering the vineyards of France, the countryside of Ireland, off for a weekend with your surfboards or soaking up the sun in northern Spain caravanning can lead to a more independent break giving you a real flavour of local life, and you know you'll enjoy the accommodation before you go.

Booking a caravan on a ferry

You can book almost any crossing with caravan or trailer easily on AFerry.co.uk; simply use our booking forms to find your perfect sailing as you would for any other ticket. Make sure you correctly enter the size of your caravan or trailer as well as your car's dimensions. Rates are calculated by size, and many ferries have limits on the amount of vehicle space they have, so giving incorrect information can lead to problems at check in.

Getting the best ferry prices

The major ferry companies often have special offers for those taking caravans, and AFerry.co.uk passes these savings directly on to you whenever they are available. For a full guide to getting the cheapest ferry prices please see our page filled with top tips for booking cheap ferries. Also worth remembering is that on certain routes you have the option to spend the entire crossing in the comfort of your camper or caravan, allowing you to take advantage of the onboard facilities without the cost of booking a cabin.

Popular places to visit with a caravan

There are many hugely popular caravanning destinations. Amongst the best places to take your caravan abroad are France, which has popular camping spots in all corners; the Channel Islands of Jersey and Guernsey, which have many caravan sites; and the Netherlands and its neighbours Belgium and Luxemburg. Winter trips to Portugal and Spain to enjoy the better weather in the Iberian Peninsula are also highly popular.

Things to remember

Whilst there is no need to be daunted by taking a caravan or trailer abroad, there are certain considerations to bear in mind. Although you want freedom to go where you wish it is worth having an itinerary in place for your first few days, with places to stay, rest stops and local guides. You may also need to purchase extra insurance for your journey, and in some European countries warning triangles, fire extinguishers, extension mirrors, spare bulbs, first aid kits and luminous reflective waistcoats in case of breakdown are legal requirements.

Across Europe you must also have either a GB sticker or a Euro number plate. You also need to make sure your caravan or trailer is fully serviced and ready for your journey, as breaking down abroad can ruin your trip. Above all, remember to drive on the right, and that speed limit signs are in kilometres per hour, not miles. There are many guides online for taking your caravan or trailer abroad which can give you all the advice you could need, and it is an excellent idea to consult some before you depart.

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