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    About Ancona

    Ancona became one of the major ports of the Adriatic between the thirteenth and fourteenth century, second only to Venice. However, in later years Ancona, like other Italian towns, became the scene of many battles connected to the wars of independence, and was also the target of foreign occupations, including the massive air bombing campaigns during World War II, which destroyed whole areas of Ancona, and badly damaged the port.

    About Corfu

    Some of the beaches in Corfu have been awarded with the European Blue Flag. The coastline is about 135 miles long including capes. The highest point is Pantokrator Mountain (2,972 ft).

    Corfu town, the capital of the island, is a labyrinth of medieval cobblestone streets dominated by the 16th century fortress. Corfu's Old Town and Old Port areas are well endowed with tavernas.


    • 12 Oct 2016
      Very poor service
      • We were left for over 4 hours on concrete standing in heat of 36 c. without any facilities, no apologies from any of the crew when boarded catering was very poor the staff were surly and rude. I would not recommend anybody sailing with that ferry line we had a similar experience on the return journey the ferry was again over 4 hours late

        Review by leslie hayton

    • 13 Aug 2013
      Shock and horror
      • They just cant seam to do things right, tried to book a cabin for this trip, they were sold out ( fair enough ) my ticket said passenger deck space, I assumed ( big mistake ) that this at least entailed to a lounge seat as one would expect one British ferries , but oh no, deck space means deck space, I mean find a slot on the deck and lie down for 16 hrs , all lounge seats , in fact everywhere people were on the floor, I have been on refugee ships with more consideration for passengers, eventually after a 1 hr wait ( after the ship had sailed ) I managed to get a cabin at considerable cost, so happiness was afoot , until I went to sleep on the bunk, it looked like the cabin s on deck 7 were added on to the ship at some stage, as such the resonance frequency off the ships propellers had not been considered the end result was every 1 min there was a 15 sec time frame when you actually rose and fell about 1 inch on the bed. it felt like some one came into you cabin and shock you awake, being a ships engineer I have no problem with continuous noise vibration etc etc but this was very unique and extremely difficult thing to deal with and to sleep in . Food , well did not even go their. I feel that there should be adequate seating, in congestion with the boats passengers limits so that passengers have somewhere safe to sit-down for 16 hrs, this is extremely important for small children to have them in a safe secure area, the idea of small children running around and sleeping on the deck of a ship at sea is so ludicrous it untrue. My advice is to not even entertain this journey if you do not have a cabin.

        Review by Charles Sterling

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