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Bari is connected to Montenegro via the port of Bar. On average, there are 2 crossings per week between Bari and Montenegro, which are operated by Jadrolinija. Crossings from Bari to Bar usually take around 7 hours 30 minutes.

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About Bari

The whole region of Bari is scattered with various interesting places to see. Basilica di San Nicola, The church of St. Sabinus (built in Byzantine style), Petruzzelli Theatre (a grand opera house), and Castello Svevo (The Norman-Hohenstaufen Castle) are just a few of these attractions.

About Montenegro

Montenegro is one of the newest countries in Europe, yet at the same time has a long and distinguished history.

Its proud cultural past is combined with a dynamic and exciting political future - and who can forget Montenegro's many exciting entries into the Eurovision Song Contest. If nothing else persuades you to take time to explore this country, you have to at least go to work out where on earth such musical oddities came from!

The Monastery of Ostrog is well worth a visit. This sixteenth century building is set into a cliff face and has long been a seat of the Serbian Orthodox Church. It is one of the most famous monasteries in the region.

Skadar Lake is the biggest freshwater lake in the the Balkans. You can get here by public transport and, once you've arrived, there are unrivaled opportunities for birdwatching.

Montenegro Travel Guide

Becoming independent only in 2006, Montenegro is one of the newest countries in Europe. It has both a rich sense of cultural heritage and a forward looking optimism that greets the future with hope.

The idea of Montenegro has existed for over 1000 years. However, the small state of Montenegro has often been the pawn of bigger powers in the region. Whilst this has at times resulted in the loss of a lot of blood, it has also left behind a cultural richness that simply begs to be experienced.

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