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Booking a ferry to or from islands in the Cíes couldn't be easier with AFerry. You can either use the booking form at the top left of the page. Or, if you see a price you like on the left, just select the number of passengers and click Get Price.

More About The Cíes Islands

The natural environment of the islands makes them the perfect flora and fauna observatory. In the islands of Do Faro and San Martiño there are ornithological observatories, and there is a classroom of nature also in the Do Faro island.

Only 2,200 people are allowed daily to visit the islands, therefore staying in them is a luxury due to its beauty and tranquility.

During the Easter and summer seasons there are daily ferries from Vigo to the islands of Monte Agudo and Do Faro, and due to the low capacity that is permitted at the islands, we recommend you to book your ferry ticket soon!

Cíes Islands Travel Guide

The Cíes Islansd are a paradise of white sand beaches and crystal clear waters located at the Galician Rías Bajas, 14.5 Km away from the city of Vigo, the municipality to which they belong.

The archipelago consists of three islands: the island of Monteagudo, Do Faro Island and the island of San Martiño. The islands of Monteagudo and Do Faro are joined by a breakwater and a sandy area.

The islands are mountainous, with cliffs on the west side that face the Atlantic Ocean, being affected by the erosion of the winds and the tides. On the other hand, on the east face of the islands the forests and thickets grow since they're protected from the elements, also offering wonderful beaches and dunes of fine sand.

In 1980 the islas Cíes were declared nature reserve and they're part of the Illas Atlánticas National Park.

The beaches

Cíes Islands offer nine virgin beaches: Areíña beach, Bolos beach, Cantareira beach, Figueiras beach, Margaridas beach, Muxieiro beach, Nosa Señora beach, Rodas beach and San Martiño beach.

If you have time it is highly recommended to visit all of them. The most popular are the beach of Rodas, which with more than one kilometer long was chosen by The Guardian as the best beach in the world, and the nudist Figueiras beach.

What to do

The islas Cíes are an ideal destination for diving, hiking and relaxing at its fabulous beaches of fine sand and transparent waters, often visited by dolphins, whales and sea turtles!

Diving is recommended in these waters because it has one of the richest ecosystems in the Galician coast and in addition, you can see archaeological remains and even a wreck.

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