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  • 20 Jul 2012
    Check-in and sleeping are difficult
    • Checking in is not as described in the booking details, which tell you to arrive 2 hours prior to departure. At the port, there are no directions and no checking in desk, whether in Greek, Italian or in English. There are no signs, no-one to ask. Instead. people are just supposed to know that check in takes place at the Anek Lines main booking office which is situated outside the port, on the main road about a mile away from the port entrance. This booking office does not open until about an hour prior to departure. I located it because I asked someone in a bar which was still open. Loading of the ferry was fairly rapid and efficient. Once you are out of the garage, you need to check into reception. This applies no matter what sort of ticket you have - even if you have purchased a "deck" ticket as they force you to go into the airline seats. I did not know this, so I found a quiet bench somewhere and went to sleep which I really needed after being awake for 2 days. However, within 10 minutes I was woken and told I had to go to the pullman seats. I obediently did this and despite the extreme discomfort of the pullman seats I was soon asleep again. within a short time though, another crew member came into the compartment and woke everybody up. His complaint was not with every one, just those people who had laid on the floor in front of more than 1 seat. The effect was the same though. There were a good many people asleep, which I suppose one must expect after a 5 am departure and from the noise the crew member made there must have been about 20 people in the "wrong" place. He left after about half an hour and depite having already been woken twice, I was tired enough that I could fall back to sleep quite quickly. However, another crew member came to wake us all at 10 am. I can't remember why now, nut I gave up trying to sleep at that stage and went for a wander around the ship. Unusually for these journeys, the swimming pool was open. I have been on this route many times (usually in May and September) before and the pool was never previously open so I did not have the necessaries to try out the pool. People seemed to be enjoying it though. There is also an expensive shop, a couple of bars and a couple of restaurants. Prices are what you would expect on this sort of thing. One note though, not all of the posted prices are accurate as I was charged 60% more than the price list on the wall for a bottle of water, so it is a good idea to check the price before purchase if you are counting your pennies. There is also a small chapel. Apart from that, there is very little to do and taking along your own entertainment is advised. Remember that you will not have access to your car during the voyage. I took along my own food so I cannot comment on any of the on-board food. However, the greek coffee was not so great. When I returned later on to my seat, I was horrified to discover that a couple of girls (about 20 years old) had pulled my quilt from my chair and had used it to cover themselves on the floor. I do not know where these girls were from or why they thought that using a strangers bedding without permission is acceptable behaviour. I'm also not sure what I could have done to prevent it but I mention it here so that you can ponder such prevention before your trip. Sleeping in the pullman seats at any time is more than problematical. They are uncomfortable, hard and noisy. If it is not the crew waking you up, it is the other passengers who want to make the most of their holiday.

      Review by Mrs T

  • 14 Sep 2011
    Fantastic ''polikala''
    • It's all cool Everybody of the staff nice and welling to help

      Review by Dr FADIL BILAL

  • 24 Jan 2011
    Travelled Corfu to Venice in September - Solo with a cat
    • I bought my ticket a few hours before my journey as is recommended by the agents in Corfu. The office did not open until about 40 minutes before sailing so there were large queues for both checking in and ticket purchase. The office was not where you would expect being on the main road rather than anywhere near the port. If you are travelling as a foot passenger I would think that you would be very hard pressed to get to the ferry in time. There was mass confusion about what to do and where to go once inside the port and looking to board. Despite all this, boarding was fairly rapid - Due mostly to the effeciency of the crew I suspect rather than anything that was occurring at the port. The onboard facilities were adequate - Not as much as I had expected on a ship of the size, but everything that is needed for a 24 hour trip is available. There are ample toilets and sinks. There is a small shower room. During the summer there is a swimming pool, but when I travelled it was closed. There are a number of cafes and bars where you can purchase excellent food and coffee. Shopping facilities were limited. There is a large external covered smoking area with cafe. There is an area which caters for dogs. I do not know how this area worked or if there was supervision. I gave 3 stars for the onboard facilities purely because of the lack of shops or anything to "do". Staff were pleasant and in the main, unobtrusive. I do not know how many languages are catered for. Many of the staff spoke English as well as Greek and Italian. In the main lounge there were a number of television sets showing different channels so if you wanted to watch something you just go and sit near the set showing it. I settled down to watch an English movie but I would not recommend that people do this as someone came along and turned it over about half way through. Very few people bought cabins. Instead the majority came prepared with sleeping bags and pillows. They found themselves a spot and camped out. I have to say that I really liked this aspect of it despite not being personally prepared. The only thing that I did not particularly like, is that once you have left your car, you are not allowed to return to it. As I was travelling with a cat, which I had no choice but to leave in the car, this was very worrying for me - beyond the botheration of forgetting something in the car.

      Review by Krazy Karen

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Corfu to Venice Popular Questions

Want to know more about your journey from Corfu to Venice? We've compiled some of the most frequently asked questions by our customers to help you plan your journey.

How long does the ferry from Corfu to Venice take?

The average journey time by ferry between Corfu to Venice is 24 hrs 45 min. The journey time may vary, so use our booking engine on this page to search for a specific travel date.

How fast does the ferry from Corfu to Venice travel?

The fastest journey time by ferry from Corfu to Venice is 24 hrs 45 min, with ANEK Superfast.

What time does the ferry from Corfu to Venice leave?

The ferry from Corfu to Venice leaves at 07:45 with ANEK Superfast. Times may vary depending on the time of year.

Which ferry companies operate between Corfu to Venice?

Ferries travelling from Corfu to Venice are operated by ANEK Superfast.

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