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Book Ferries to Corsica, Sardinia Elba and Italy from Italy and France with Corsica Ferries - Ajaccio, Nice, Toulon, Bastia & More!

You can use AFerry to book a Corsica ferry to Corsica, Sardinia, Italy and France. Corsica Ferries are also known as Corsica Sardinia Ferries. Corsica Ferries offer the highest standards in comfort and service on board their modern ferries. AFerry always has cheap prices for Corsica Ferries and the latest special offers.

You can use AFerry to book Corsica Ferries to and from Toulon, Nice, Calvi, Livorno, Bastia, Portoferraio and more. For all Corsica Ferries routes and to see the latest prices and sailing times see below. Click on your ferry route for a detailed Corsica Ferries timetable with arrival and departure times.

Corsica Ferries Routes

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On board Corsica ferries

On board a modern air-conditioned Corsica ferry you will find a full range of facilities making you feel your holiday has begun the moment you step on board. Most Corsica ferries offer excellent cabins, bars, self-service and a la carte restaurants, children's playrooms, swimming pools, solariums and shops.

Corsica Ferries recommend that you book a cabin for an overnight crossing, however, you can even book cabins on day crossings to help you relax or if you want to have a quick snooze in the comfort of your own bed. Sardinia Ferries offer different classes of cabins from the more simple Holiday cabins and cruise cabins to Top Class cabins and even Luxe cabins for the ultimate travelling experience.

Whether you travel on board a Corsica Ferries Nice Ajaccio ferry or if you use the Corsica Ferries Livorno Bastia route or the Corsica Ferries Toulon Ajaccio line, you are bound to have a great ferry crossing with Corsica Ferries. Book your Corsica Ferries crossing with AFerry.

Pet Booking Information

You can book your dog on board a Corsica ferry with AFerry. Just select the number of passengers using the booking form above then on the next screen choose your pet details.

Dogs on board have to be on a lead and wear a muzzle. You can walk freely on board with your dog except for the restaurants.

Cats and other small animals have to be kept in a suitable cage during the trip and there is no fee.

Note that to take your pet to and from the UK to mainland Europe and Ireland you will need a pet passport. To find out more about pet passports and travelling with your pet see our pet travel guide.

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Corsica Ferries

Corsica Ferries Ports


  • Toulon

    Port Address: Gare Maritime (Port de Commerce)
    83000 Toulon

    Toulon Port

  • Nice

    Port Address: Port de Commerce
    06000 Nice

    Nice Port


  • Piombino

    Port Address: Piazzale Premuda Stazione Marittima
    57025 Piombino

    Piombino Port

  • Livorno

    Port Address: Calata Carrara Nuova Stazione Marittima, Livorno

    Livorno Port

  • Savona

    Port Address: Savona-Porto Vado

    Savona Port


  • Portoferraio

    Port Address: Stazione Marittima
    57037 Portoferraio

    Portoferraio Port


  • Bastia

    Port Address: Gare Maritime F
    20200 Bastia

    Bastia Port

  • Porto Vecchio

    Port Address: Gare Maritime
    20137 Porto Vecchio

    Porto Vecchio Port

  • Ajaccio

    Port Address: Gare Maritime d'Ajaccio, Quai L'Herminier
    20000 Ajaccio

    Ajaccio Port

  • Ile Rousse

    Port Address: Gare Maritime, Route du Port
    20220 L'Ile Rousse

    Ile Rousse Port


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  • 31 May 2019
    • a ferry- truly great website.. first choice everytime.. Corsica ferries from Toulon to Porto Torres- great boit, great trip

      Review by PAUL EVANS

  • 20 May 2019
    Pretty good!
    • Overall a pleasant experience. We have a 6M motorhomes, and the check-in, loading and unloading were faultless. Food was varied and reasonably well-cooked. I am gluten intolerant and there were two or three main course options to choose from - a plus! We had a bunk cabin - which was fine except for the mattress, which was hard - and the heating controls did not work. The shower etc were excellent. The ship was clean and the crew were friendly - and everything happened on time. Pretty good!

      Review by ANDREW KEMP

  • 05 May 2019
    Poor Motorhome loading
    • At the beginning of loading in Golfo Arancia about 6 motorhomes were called for loading in the stern of the ship. It was not easy to get on to the forward ramp without grounding the back of the motorhome and as we approached the stern area there was a lot of shouting and arguing amongst the loading crew. Basically too many motorhomes had been called on board and our presence meant that the car decks could not be lowered down. Accordingly we were then told to reverse back along the length of the ship and sent back ashore - going aground again as we did so. The rest of the traffic was then loaded on to the lowered car decks. Finally after waiting on the quay for about 25 minutes we were loaded again - of course grounding the motorhome for a third time- and found ourselves in the bow of the ship meaning that we would be last to discharge. So much for getting to Arancia early! Not a very professional loading crew.

      Review by ROGER NEWMAN

  • 29 Mar 2019
    Travel with corsica ferries
    • Very pleased with c f ! T y


  • 12 Sep 2018
    Great experience
    • Excellent experience and great food on board

      Review by CHRISTINE DALBY