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Getting there answers

Q. I would like to know the post code of the port. How can I find this?

A.For relevant port postcodes and address details please refer to our port information pages.

Checking-in answers

Q. How early do I need to get to the port before departure?

A. Your precise check-in time is detailed on your booking confirmation (in the email). However, as a guideline with most operators you need to arrive 60 minutes prior to departure. Please check the minimum check-in time required by the ferry operator in advance of travel.

Q. If I arrive at the port early, can I board the ferry straight away?

A. No, you cannot go aboard the ferry until boarding commences.

Q. Do I need to take my passport with me when I travel?

A. For all International ferry crossings every passenger must have a valid passport with them to board the ferry. Children are able to travel if they are on an adult passport. Young babies are able to travel if a birth certificate is shown at customs. For any Domestic ferry crossing (for example within the UK) a form of photo ID is accepted if a passport is not available.

Q. Is there secure parking at the port and how much does it cost?

A. Most ports have secure parking at the port, or close by. The cost of the will vary according to the particular port. For more information, contact the port directly.

Q. Can I sleep in my motorhome/caravan overnight at the port?

A. No. For safety and security reasons overnight camping at the port is not permitted.

Contact us

Q. How can I contact AFerry?

A. The best way to contact us is to log into your AFerry Account, and send us a message. Messages are sent directly to our customer service team, and an advisor will be on hand to assist you as soon as possible.

IMPORTANT: If you have already made a booking with us, you will find contact details on your booking confirmation email including a direct link to your personal account. Please use these details and not our general contact information.

Q. I wish to make a complaint. How can I do this?

A. If you are not satisfied with the service you have received, please write to us at the address below. We take all complaints very seriously and will endeavour to respond as soon as possible.

Customer Services
A Ferry UK
2morrow Court
Appleford Road
Sutton Courtenay
OX14 4FH

If your complaint relates to the ferry company you travelled with and not to AFerry, we welcome you to write a review of your ferry company so that others might read this.


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