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Ferry to Algeria - Prices from £389 each way

Booking a ferry to Algeria is simple, easy and safe with AFerry, just use the booking form above to get a price.

The most popular route is Almeria to Ghazaouet. The average price this month for this route is £160.00 for a car and two people each way.

Algeria Routes

How to book your Algeria ferry

Booking a ferry to or from Algeria couldn't be easier with AFerry. You can either use the booking form at the top left of the page.

More About Algeria

Algeria is situated on the North African coast and boasts many popular beach resorts, such as Oran, Algiers and Ghazaouet.

Around 85% of the country is made up of the Sahara Desert, which is home to many nomadic tribes.

The diverse nature of Algeria's landscapes, from stunning beaches and coastal towns to the spectacular Sahara Desert, attracts increasing numbers of visitors to the country each year.

Visiting Algeria is a unique experience that you will not forget!

There are a number of routes available from Algeria that you can book with AFerry, with ferries to Spain and France.

Algeria Travel Guide

With Arabic, French and African influences, visiting Algeria allows you to explore a blend of different cultures in one fascinating place.

Take a ferry to Algeria on the coast of North Africa. Being next to the Sahara Desert, the climate is mild and wet in winter with hot, dry summers along the coast and drier - with cold winters and hot summers on the high inland plateau. After a bloody Civil War in the 1990s the country is still regarded as dangerous to visit, however, more than four-fifths of its territory is covered by the Sahara desert, which is drawing in more and more tourists.

The languages spoken in Algeria are Arabic (official), Berber (national language) and French.

Algerian cuisine has been varied since the French colonization. Breakfasts are similar to what you would expect to find in France, serving coffee and a light selection of pastries. If you like your spice then you will enjoy lunch and dinner, as these meals are more traditionally Algerian. Merguez, a spicy sausage, is an Algerian delicacy consisting of lamb and beef. It is heavily packed with spices that give it a distinct taste and red colour.

Travel in Algeria

Normal travelling in Algeria is very difficult and heavily restricted due to the ongoing conflict in the country. Internal flights operate from Algiers, the capital, to Ghardia, Djanet and Tamanrasset, as well as to smaller towns, oases and oil settlements. It is recommended that you take your car with you if you intend to travel around Algeria during your stay.

Enjoy the unique climate that Algeria has to offer
Enjoy the unique climate that Algeria has to offer

Things to See

Algiers the capital is certainly worth visiting, especially for the museums, which are spread all around the French-African city. However some areas of the city can be dangerous and caution should be taken when traveling around the city.

Among the attractions in Algeria is the Notre Dame d'Afrique, the cathedral in Algiers. This is a particularly nice area to visit if you enjoy the French atmosphere in Algeria. The cathedral itself is free to enter and boasts beautiful architecture. In Oran, you can visit the misnamed Chateau Neuf, which should mean The New Castle. In the 14th century the castle was used as a fort by Merinid Sultan Abou Hassan.

Filled with history, and a diverse blend of cultures, there is plenty to see and do on any visit to Algeria.

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