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Book ferries in Bulgaria on the following routes in both directions:

  • Nessebar to Pomorie
  • Nessebar to Sozopol

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How to book your ferry to Bulgaria

Booking a ferry to or from Bulgaria couldn't be easier with AFerry. You can either use the booking form at the top of the page. Or, if you see a price you like on the page, just select the number of passengers and click Get Price.

More About Bulgaria

Historically Bulgaria has been the home of a number of ancient civilisations, including the Thracians, Ancient Greeks, Romans, Ostrogoths, Slavs, Varangians and of course the Bulgars. Each one contributed to the Bulgarian culture we see in the present day. You can still see evidence of Bulgar architecture, and Thracian rituals such as the Zarezan, Kukeri and Martenitza are still practiced today.

Due to the geographic position, Bulgaria is perfectly placed to grow a variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs. This shows in the cuisine which is typically known for colourful salads at every meal. Bulgaria is also famed for banitsa, a baked filo pastry filled with beaten eggs and cheese which can be enjoyed with a variety of different yoghurts, dips and sauces.

With AFerry you can book ferries directly to Nessebar, a historical port town that has found itself on the frontier of a threatened empire. What is left is beautiful architecture that takes you back in time, which makes Nessebar one of the most popular resorts in Bulgaria. Just North of Nessebar is Sunny Beach, a popular tourist resort where there are many hotels while watersports available both from the beach and at nearby aqua parks.

Bulgaria Travel Guide

Bulgaria's breathtaking mountain ranges, plethora of sandy beaches and lively cities have made the country a popular destination in recent years. This has led to the beach and ski resorts to expand making the country even more inviting.

Bulgaria is very much a tale of two seasons. In the summer, the sunny resorts come to life and you can easily find a party atmosphere. Watersports are available from beach resorts and aqua parks. In the winter, Bulgaria transforms into a fantastic ski resort where you can test yourself on the many courses, or learn to ski if it's your first time.

Dinner in Bulgaria is a social event. It's not uncommon to see singing and dancing in any of the restaurants. You can choose from a wide range of national dishes, but Western adapted meals are also found on most menus. Bulgarian specialities include colourful salads, rich casseroles and stuffed leaves.

Travel in Bulgaria

Of course, one of the best ways to get around Bulgaria is by ferry! The Bulgaria Fast Ferry service runs every day throughout summer and takes just 40 minutes to get from one end of the Bulgarian coastline to the other - much quicker than if you were to take a car.

Rail and coach services are available in Bulgaria but it's recommended that you book these in advance, and travel first class if possible.

Things to See

Bulgaria's national parks are beautifully preserved and include incredible sites including the ancient Bailusheva pine forests and limestone rocks in Pirin National Park, the seven lakes and 10th-century monastery in Rila National Park, and the Raiskoto Praskalo waterfall.

In Sofia, the capital city in Bulgaria, you can uncover the Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Turkish influences in the form of architecture. Explore museums, churches, art galleries and opera houses to really understand Bulgaria's rich history and culture.

Bulgaria is home to nine UNESCO-listed World Heritage Sites, including the immaculately preserved fourth-century murals in the Thracian Tomb, the Sveshtari Tomb, the Ivanovo Rock Monasteries and the 13th-century Boyana Church.

For those looking for an active holiday, there is an abundance of organised mountaineering and climbing trips available. Look out for the steep rocks of the Pirin, Rhodope, Rila and Stara Planina, which are particularly popular with expert climbers. You'll also find numerous caves and spectacular rock formations to explore, many with ancient cave paintings.

Trigrad Gorge is a must see if you are a fan of natural landscapes. Close to the town of Trigrad, the walkway is flanked by walls rising to 250 metres. On the most popular areas within the gorge is the Devil's Throat Cave, formed when layers of the mountain collapsed. From here, you can travel through a manmade tunnel to see beautiful underground waterfalls which cascade 42 metres into what feels like the abyss.

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