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Booking a ferry to or in Croatia is simple, easy and safe with AFerry, just use the booking form above to get a price.

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Ferries to and in Croatia are extremely popular. To avoid disappointment please book soon. You should also be aware that if you book close to your preferred departure, prices can be a lot higher than if you book in advance so please book as soon as possible.

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Booking a ferry to or from Croatia couldn't be easier with AFerry. You can either use the booking form at the top left of the page.

More About Croatia

Croatia has one of the most diverse landscape and culture in Europe.

You can explore the stunning Adriatic coastline or discover the UNESCO world heritage site of Dubrovnik or just chill out on the beaches with water sports or just soak up the sun.

Croatia is also home for amazing wildlife such as wild wolves, bears and different species of birds.

There are an almost limitless number of things to see in Croatia and the best way to do that is by cycling or hiking along the Dalmatian coast.

If that's not your thing, then there are pristine beaches to relax on, breathtaking villages to explore and scenery that will make you understand why Croatia is considered one of the most beautiful parts of Europe.

Croatia Travel Guide

Croatia is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination and is famous for its crystal clear waters. However, the country is still out of the way enough to remained unswamped and unspoilt by mass tourism.

From the capital city Zagreb to its stunning coastal towns in Dalmatia, Croatia is one of the most diverse yet beautiful countries in Europe. There are thousands of different things to discover up and down the country from the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Dubrovnik to the almost unknown but highly satisfying Croatian cuisine.

Sport, especially water sport, is a very important thing in this country and sailing is a very common pastime but football, handball and tennis are also very popular in Croatia so watching a sports match can also be very fun.

If you fancy staying in a hot, Mediterranean climate then the towns and resorts along the Adriatic coast are the places to go. If you're staying in northern Croatia, there is a temperature climate not dissimilar to the UK or France. In mountainous or semi-mountainous regions of Croatia, the climate is generally quite mild in summer but cold and snowy in the winter.

Travel to Croatia

There are nine main ferry ports in Croatia and with AFerry you are able to go to all of them. If you're `country-hopping' it is possible to take ferries in between ports in Croatia and Italy. For example, most major lines schedule ferries from Split to Ancona.

Family holidays in Croatia
Family holidays in Croatia
Jadrolinija ferry at Split, Croatia
Jadrolinija ferry at Split, Croatia

Things to See

Due to its increasing diversity, there are an almost limitless number of things to see in Croatia and the best way to do that is by cycling or hiking along the Dalmatian coast. If that's not your thing, then there are pristine beaches to relax on, breathtaking villages to explore through and scenery that will make you understand why Croatia is considered to many as one of the most beautiful parts of Europe.

Plitvice Lakes National Park is an incredible place where sixteen shimmering, blue lakes are connected by waterfalls and cascades that are home to an incredible array of wildlife; deer, bears, wolves, foxes, badgers and butterflies but it's the 120 bird species that really make this wildlife park so amazing that include hawks, owls, kingfishers, herons, black storks, ospreys and many, many more.

Croatia is full of history and if you like discovering the history of different cities and regions then the ruins of Solin is the place to go with its stunning sights and mesmerising history. Solin, formerly Salona, was the capital of the Roman province of Dalmatia until AD 614 when it was destroyed.

In Zagreb, the buzzing capital city of Croatia, there is good shopping and restaurants of every ethnicity but what really makes Zagreb so original from other European cities is what there is to see in the city. There are beautiful palaces, intriguing art galleries, mesmerising museums, Medvedgrad; a medieval fortress on Mt. Medvednica or even a zoo!

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  • 11 Oct 2018
    • STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS - It was dirty, dirty, and again dirty. No one wanted to speak English and the staff laughed at us. We booked a pink seating area that does not even exist on the boat! It looks like something that has been pulled from the bottom of the ocean and restored to sail again. Worst experience ever.

      Review by TOMASZ

  • 25 Jul 2018
    Great trip and staff
    • Great trip and superb staff!

      Review by KALLE

  • 02 Jul 2018
    overall a good experience
    • Lengthy queues to go through passport control, hard to believe that that couldn't have been handled better, a nice cabin, well appointed, OK food in the restaurant, but why did we have requests over the PA system to leave our cabin from 5.15AM onwards when weren't going to disembark until 7.30 - or 8 as it turned out? Would have liked the chance to sleep a bit longer! These are pretty small complaints in the scheme of things though, the ferry was one delightful part of a much longer journey.

      Review by DEREK SIMMONS

  • 29 Jun 2018
    West European values clash with surly East European mediocrity.
    • On the one hand we got to Split in a timely fashion, however finding the terminal was a real trial and took us ages. The roads around the port are a nightmare as there is no effective signage and it is far from the SNAV berth. Fortunately we had an excellent lunch in the small restaurant upstairs in the terminal building, which we recommend and where we were made to feel welcome. In contrast, food and service on the boat was disappointing. By the time we got to dinner some options and all desserts had been exhausted, so we were unable to have the three courses we had paid for. The food was mediocre and barely warm. To add insult to injury I had to pay for a small pat of butter to go with my bread roll. Be warned that you must take all you want to eat at once, as you cannot go back for the next course. Customer service is notable by its absence. In all a disappointing experience which I doubt we will repeat. Next time we will travel to the Balkans down the East side of the Adriatic.

      Review by grbrown

  • 28 Jun 2018
    Waves and more waves
    • The loading was a real pain, little communication on loading until you were signaled to load. Having to back in is definitely foreign to us. The Ferry itself was clean and quite nice. The cabins are nice and enabled us to get rest. Be aware the seas are very rough so bring your own meds as staff can not help, they say they can not do anything for sea sickness. Be prepared.

      Review by WARREN