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More About Shetland

Shetland Islands are located right in the middle of the triangle formed with Faroe Islands, Norway and Scotland. These islands are characterised by a variety wild life and extraordinary carved landscape.

Shetland Islands provide a unique opportunity to explore the wild landscape, see the rare wildlife such as seals, otters, whales and wild birds and the dramatic jagged cliffs with the luxury of not being far away from civilisation.

Shetland has particular appeal to birdwatchers, as puffins, lapwings and redshanks as well as the beautiful Stormy Petrels can be seen.

If you are very lucky, you may also see Albert, the local lost albatross.

Shetland has its own unique history, culture and heritage which go back up to 6000 years.

Shetland Islands Travel Guide

A group of islands off the northern Scottish coast, the Shetland Islands are full of life, originality and not at all like a `mini Scotland'.

Resist the temptation to consider the Shetland Islands as the uncomfortable wart on the nose of the British Islands. Despite its distance from anywhere else, these islands are ruggedly beautiful in a way that is found in very few places on earth. It is surely possible that when J.R.Tolkien was imagining Middle Earth he was thinking of something that looked a little bit like Shetland.

Travel in Shetland

Travel in Shetland is a breeze thanks to the immaculate condition of the roads and the regular bus timetables. Do be aware though that some of these roads may be narrow and you should drive carefully and pull over if you are driving slowly and gawping at the scenery so as to let local drivers go past you. Regular foot passenger ferries are also available from the main island to the other 16 inhabited islands.

It is surely possible that when J.R.Tolkien was imagining Middle Earth he was thinking of something that looked a little bit like Shetland.

A word of warning about bikes - the idea of cycling around Shetland may seem idyllic when it is sunny and warm and June. It is going to seem miserable two hours later when you are cycling uphill in driving wind and horizontal rain that has soaked through to your skin. You have been warned.

Things to see in Shetland

Shetland is paradise for anyone who loves nature. Not only does it boast some stunning scenery and cragged coastlines that exude a rugged beauty, but it is the place to come to if you enjoy bird watching. Not only can you see the normal range of sea birds and small mammals, but there are also puffins, lapwings and redshanks as well as the beautiful Stormy Petrels. If you are very lucky, you may also see Albert, the local lost albatross. Be wary of approaching nesting sites during breeding time as the birds are highly territorial and protective of their young.

Further out to sea, you can see seals and several species of whales. The seals are very common and will often be curious of humans. Whale sightings are much more rare, though the ferry is often a great location from where to watch whales. Common species of whale around Shetland include the Minke Whale and Orca.

Every May sees Shetland host the Shetland Folk Music festival, which features an eclectic mix of British and American folk bands in the various pubs and restaurants around the Island. The northerly latitude means that these performances go on well into the night, as it hardly gets dark in Shetland during Summer. Midnight games of golf are also easily possible.

Midnight games of golf are also easily possible.

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  • 23 May 2019
    Very good
    • Best ferry experience I have had. Quality of service first class. Ferry and cabins very clean.

      Review by COLIN MATHER

  • 17 Apr 2019
    Great experience
    • Thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Staff were very friendly and helpful from the check in to our disembarking. Food was very good and accommodation clean and comfortable. Will be back.

      Review by JOHN JAMIESON

  • 20 Jul 2018
    Shetlands trip
    • We really enjoyed our round trip from Aberdeen to Lerwick trip. Great and comfortable cabin and helpful staff

      Review by STAN IWANSKI

  • 12 Oct 2017
    Fine on board but not at Aberdeen.
    • 1. No access to marshalling area when we arrived early at Aberdeen after a very long journey. Paid to use public car park. 2. An hours wait to disembark at Aberdeen while trailers were unloaded significantly affecting our onward journey.

      Review by GEOFF HARRIS

  • 10 Aug 2017
    • We took the ferry in 2007 and it was adequate. Taking it in 2017 is a very different experience. We upgraded to the Magnus Lounge and had a berth. Such comfortable passage in lovely surroundings. The food was lovely and the staff friendly and helpful. We won't wait 10 years to go back.

      Review by BRIAN CREEGAN