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Folegandros Routes

Book a ferry to Folegandros with AFerry. You can use Folegandros to take ferries around the Cyclades and also to Greece. Domestic services in the Cyclades are available from Folegandros to 10 ferry ports:

  • Ios
  • Kimolos
  • Milos
  • Mykonos
  • Naxos
  • Paros
  • Santorini
  • Serifos
  • Sifnos
  • Sikinos

Ferries away from the Cyclades sail from Folegandros to Katapola and Piraeus.

Folegandros Ferry Companies

Ferries to and from Folegandros are operated by Hellenic Seaways, Sea Jets and Zante Ferries. Because 3 ferry companies operate in and out of Folegandros, comparing can be very useful to help you find the best price at the best time for you. When you search for a ferry to Folegandros, we will always show a range of times just in case it's cheaper earlier or later than the time you select.

Folegandros ferries with Hellenic Seaways, Sea Jets and Zante Ferries are known for their comfort and high levels of service, and you will feel like your holiday has begun the moment you step on board. Travelling to Folegandros will be easy and hassle free. Start by making your booking today, it's quick and easy.

  • Folegandros Ferries
  • Folegandros Ferries
  • Folegandros Ferries

About Folegandros

Folegandros ferry port lies in the village of Karavostassis on the undiscovered island of Folegandros which is part of the Cyclades group of islands in Greece. Ferries are available from Folegandros to other parts of the Cyclades islands and to the Greek mainland, all of which can be booked through AFerry

Folegandros has the most varied and wild landscape with high cliff top villages, large caves and pristine pebbled beaches. An array of beautiful white washed houses, stone walls , exotic orchards and vineyards along with pristine with blue waters, colourful wild flowers and smells of wild thyme and oregano sum up Folegandros.

Ferries to and from Folegandros

Aegean Speed Lines' modern air-conditioned fleet of high speed ships offer a wide range of facilities. You can choose either Business or Economy Class seating and their ships come with coffee and snack bars, shops and internet access.

Anek's fleet of 11 magnificent modern air-conditioned ships all offer a full range of facilities on board. You can choose from a range of inner or outer ship cabins with two, three or four beds and on Anek Lines Italy-Greece routes you can even choose a deluxe cabins featuring a sitting room and TV and Internet access.

On board a LANE Lines ferry you will find a full range of facilities. In addition to comfortable seating and cabins you will find a la carte and self service restaurants, bars, a cafe, disco, television and video facilities and a shop.

Sea Jets run three ships in their fleet: SeaJet2, MegaJet and SuperJet. All the ferries are fast and provide good connections between the different islands and the Greek mainland.

Zante Ferries operates three conventional ferries, all fully equipped with modern facilities. Relax in the bar, take in the sights out on deck or simply rest in the airline style seats.

Folegandros port facilities

Folegandros is a secluded Greek island and does not have loud discos and bars but there are always beautiful little places to enjoy to a quiet meal and drink. Exotic styled cafes, restaurants and taverns in cultivating fields more than make up for the lack of night life.

Getting to Folegandros

The island is small, and the main town is obviously signposted from everywhere. Folegandros has an area of just 32 square kilometres and is divided into 3 little villages Chora, Karavostassis, and Ano Meria which are all connected by paved paths.

With such a great range of ferry companies to choose from, you can find the one that is best for you. So book your Folegandros ferry simply, easily and securely with AFerry today!

Folegandros Map

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Port Addresses

Aegean Speed Lines

Karavostasis Port, Folegandros, Cyclades, Greece

Hellenic Seaways

Karavostasis Port, Folegandros, Cyclades, Greece

Sea Jets

Karavostasis Port, Folegandros, Cyclades, Greece

Zante Ferries

Karavostasis Port, Folegandros, Cyclades, Greece


  • 13 Jul 2014
    Langsom men fin, specielt til prisen.
    • Overraskende god færge. Masser af plads og muligheder for en lur.

      Review by Fam Bjerg

  • 10 Jul 2014
    Unacceptable customer service prior to final announcement of cancellation of boat
    • I fully understand that weather dictates ability for vessels to leave. The fact that the company keeps you in the dark and makes ongoing promises that the boat is coming when they very well know the boat has not even left the previous port is unacceptable. We were told 5 different times new arrival time of boat, all of them turned out to be false and when the eventually told us the boat would arrive late in Santorini but would not leave the same night we had to scramble for hotel and transport. We were asked to be at the port at 6:30 AM the following morning for a guaranteed 7:00AM departure as the boat will already be there. We woke up at 5:30, got to the port to find out there was no boat and boat arrived one hour later and we ended up leaving well past 8:00AM. I'm going to try to avoid doing business with them again. Not a trustworthy companies and for sure no values/honesty. All transport companies have unforeseen events. Only the good ones know how to deal with it. Lady at the counter in Santorini port is unacceptably unhelpful, not only with us, but with all who approached her.

      Review by Frederic

  • 03 Jul 2014
    Travelling with Seajet 2
    • Luggage space was very limited but the crew was very helpful and efficient in getting luggage on and off the ship and directing us to our seats which to our surprise were pre allocated. The journey was surprisingly comfortable and relaxing. My wife and I would not hesitate to travel with SeaJets again.

      Review by David Holman

  • 08 Dec 2010
    Quick hop across between Islands
    • A quick and easy hop from one island to the next. I recommend this company above all the others operating in Greece as their ships are the nicest.

      Review by Anon

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