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The Frederikshavn to Oslo ferry connects Denmark to Norway and is operated by Stena Line. As well as comparing prices and times for Frederikshavn to Oslo, we will also show you results for 5 other routes to help you get from Denmark to Norway at the best time, for the best price:

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  • Hirtshals to Kristiansand
  • Hirtshals to Langesund
  • Hirtshals to Larvik
  • Hirtshals to Stavanger

Book a Frederikshavn to Oslo ferry today with AFerry. Just use the form above and choose the route that you want. If nothing appears automatically, start typing Frederikshavn. You can also type the country or even the name of the ferry company you are interested in. When you have the route that you want, choose single or return and all the other options you want.

How we compare ferries, prices and times for Frederikshavn to Oslo

If there is more than one ferry company operating on the Frederikshavn Oslo route we will show you all the ferry companies, to make sure you get our best price. We'll also show you any routes similar to Frederikshavn to Oslo so you have the complete picture when making your booking. And of course you'll also see a range of times just in case it's a bit cheaper earlier or later than your preferred booking time.

How you get your ticket and how you can make changes if you need to

Once you've chosen your perfect sailing and have made your booking we'll email you your booking confirmation for your Frederikshavn to Oslo ferry. The majority of tickets have instant confirmation.

We will also email you details about how you can contact us using our messaging service, as well as details about how you can change your ticket. Most of the time you can do this by yourself. The vast majority of our customers give us a review of four or five stars showing that their very happy with our service and communication.

Below you can see the ferry company or companies that sail on the Frederikshavn to Oslo route and the journey times. You might also see some recent prices our customers have found. The best way to find a cheap Frederikshavn to Oslo ferry though is to use the form above today to see all of our possible choices.

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Getting the best price for your Frederikshavn to Oslo ferry

With AFerry we always give you our best prices for ferries from Frederikshavn to Oslo. No matter which page you book from we always include all our special offers. And there is no need to look for a discount code. If we have an offer available, your ferry price will include the reduction or offer. There's no need to look at other websites.

If you're not sure if the Frederikshavn to Oslo route is right for you or you can't decide between ferry companies, if there is more than one, you might also find it useful to read any reviews we have available. We ask all our customers to send us reviews for Frederikshavn to Oslo ferries. Remember though, that the earlier you book, the cheaper prices normally are. So don't spend too long deciding! Frederikshavn to Oslo is a popular route, so we advise you to book as soon as possible.

About Frederikshavn

Frederikshavn Ferry Port lies on the North Eastern coast of the Jutland Peninsula in Denmark. Frederikshavn has always been an important port historically due to its proximity to the Baltic Sea and has therefore developed into a modern ferry port with efficient infrastructure. There are many connections to Sweden and Norway, which can be booked through AFerry.

More than 3 million passengers pass through the Frederikshavn ferry port thanks to its excellent links to the rest of the European motorways and rail networks.

Frederikshavn is a small fishing town dating back to the 1500s with some remnants of Stone Age habitation still remaining in places. Frederikshavn is famous for plaice fish.

Some of the tourist attractions in Frederikshavn are the Krudttårnet (a gun tower museum), Bangsbomuseet (an old estate and manor house with displays of navigation instruments and town history) and Ellingåskib, (reconstructed remains of a 12th century Viking ship).

However, on the other hand the rest of the town provides a complete contrast and has a modern appearance to it characterised with modern buildings, lively night clubs, concert halls, busy shopping streets and an international atmosphere with a variety of eateries in and around the town centre.

Frederikshavn therefore has a lot to offer whichever way you would like to explore the city.

About Oslo

Oslo is the capital city of Norway and offers many sights and attractions for curious visitors.

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  • 13 Jul 2019
    Transfer for the sailing event in Norway
    • Convenient spacious ferry offering good services and comfort. We did both ways trip. The return sailing overnight took more time (around 10 hours) but was more convenient because we had more quiet for dining and sleeping. Good experience overall.

      Review by BORIS ZIVNY

  • 04 Sep 2017
    Pleasant trip
    • Pleasant trip on a beautiful route.

      Review by Anon

  • 05 Nov 2013
    Overall nice experience, one of the best ways to reach Oslo
    • The journey to Oslo was exciting and was made even better with the help of Aferry. Just a couple of things that I noticed that bothered me, first, reaching from Frederikshaven station to the port with a lot of luggage and finding the port in the city in rain was very difficult for me, it would be so great of the company if they provided travel from station to the port to its passengers or at least guide the way in a better way. Also, we had to evacuate our cabins at 4.30 while we thought we paid for till 6.30 It would be so good that either company inform that before or just let us have our cabins till arrival time. It was very annoying. The crowd was full of old people which made the journey for we young friends even boring.

      Review by AMIT DUBEY

  • 01 Sep 2013
    Excellent Journey
    • I enjoyed everything about this trip, especially the last few hours as we went up the fjord towards Oslo. Definitely a wonderful way to arrive to the city. The fare for a single traveller it’s amazingly cheap for a 9 hour trip (approx 170NKr or £16.50 sterling). The checking in was easy with no hassles over passports or security. Frederikshaven is a quiet little town on Saturday afternoons, but there is a cinema and a good selection of eating places.

      Review by AB

  • 09 Aug 2013
    • Very nice journey! Those 8 and half hours passed very fast thanks to the good time on board. Nice music, good food and nice atmosphere.

      Review by Ilie

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