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About Harwich

Harwich is situated in the home county of Essex and as such is very easily reached from London, the south and even the midlands.

The port of Harwich is also actually wherewhere the Pilgrim Fathers built the famous Mayflower - the ship that transported the first English Puritans, known today as the Pilgrims from England to the New World in 1620. Today you can visit the yard where the Mayflower Project is underway - with the building of a replica of the famous ship. They plan to sail to America in 2020 for the 400th anniversary of the ship's famous voyage. Also worth visiting are the Harwich Redoubt and the Electric Palace Cinema - one of the oldest purpose-built cinemas to survive

About Esbjerg

Close to Esbjerg you will find beautiful beaches, amusements parks and medieval towns. In Esbjerg there are plenty of restaurants, café's, bars and discotheques as well as a musical centre Musikhuset". A wide range of city museums gives you the opportunity to explore the history of the city and the region.

On the outskirts of the city you will find the Fisheries and Maritime Museum, which illustrates the history of fishing and shipping. The museum also contains a large saltwater aquarium.

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  • 23 Oct 2014
    • It is very very sad DFDS Seaways have withdrawn the route. In this day and age the fact there is no direct connection between UK and Scandinavia on the sea is shocking.

      Review by Ian Bailey

  • 30 Aug 2014
    Motorbike holiday to Denmark and Sweden
    • I had a very comfortable return crossing with a nice cabin both ways. The buffet in the seven seas restaurant was first class and great value for money. It is such a shame that the route will cease to exist from October as I would most certainly use the route again as I have family in both Denmark and Sweden.

      Review by Anon

  • 10 Aug 2014
    • Necessary but boring! Shocking to hear that DFDS stops this crossing! Travellers from Scandinavia now have to drive to Amsterdam to be able to Get to Britain by car. Absurd!

      Review by Anon

  • 28 Jul 2014
    Moving to Denmark, take a packed lunch.
    • My boyfriend and I booked the ferry so that I could bring my belongings to Denmark. At check in it was not obvious how to check in and then our line merged with the line next to it which caused a bit of chaos at check in. Lots of queuing to get onboard in the blazing heat. We went to book dinner but the menu options for vegetarians was nil, you could have the vegetarian a la carte or nothing. I joined my boyfriend in the same menu so that I was not having an all you can eat buffet whilst he had a really basic salad and burger size omelette "vegetarian steak". We later went to the cafe and saw a similar salad and the garnish/dressing from our "al la carte". We found the service poor and had to stand up to leave before a waitress would notice to pay, no one offered dessert, they were more interested in clearing tables. Very disappointed and left feeling ripped off. I will be recommending to my parents who are driving the car back to the UK in August that they take a picnic and have it on the skybar deck. Nice views pulling out of port but it is a shame the facility closes early. The cafe was kids entertainment and the restaurant and commodore area were boring so we went to bed early. Our cabin was possibly an upgrade, nice facilities., good shower and comfy beds for a cabin. Much better than other ferries I have used a cabin. The breakfast buffet was included in our ticket and we enjoyed it very much. As an English person I was disappointed there was no bacon as another Englishman was saying next to us. This is the same seating as the Al la carte restaurant minus table cloths, you are practically sat at a table with strangers and in the case of dinner time I had to watch our neighbors eat steak and fish. I hate the smell of fish. But at breakfast I couldn't have conversation with my boyfriend as our neighbors were talking and I couldn't hear him. Going into port again I would recommend the skybar although it was not open when we arrived. No where to go for 18hours is not really an experience. I wouldn't recommend the journey except if you needed your car. Bring a book, a packed lunch, book the breakfast buffet (even vegetarians like it), make sure you bring plenty of patience. Show up as late as permitted to save sitting in the car. The route is closing which I assume has resulted in a change in attitude or numbers of staff, which is understandable. But the food was an embarrassment and the experience was annoying at best. Getting off the ferry was quite speedy although staff, buses and large vehicles take priority.

      Review by Ms Heather Nicholson

  • 16 Jul 2014
    • Loading and unloading from the ship excellent. Commodore cabin and services excellent. A la Carte restaurant poor.

      Review by Barrie Lock

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