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With AFerry we always give you our best prices for ferries from Palermo to Tunis. No matter which page you book from we always include all our special offers. And there is no need to look for a discount code. If we have an offer available, your ferry price will include the reduction or offer. There's no need to look at other websites.

If you're not sure if the Palermo to Tunis route is right for you or you can't decide between ferry companies, if there is more than one, you might also find it useful to read any reviews we have available. We ask all our customers to send us reviews for Palermo to Tunis ferries. Remember though, that the earlier you book, the cheaper prices normally are. So don't spend too long deciding! Palermo to Tunis is a popular route, so we advise you to book as soon as possible.

About Palermo

Palermo has been the capital of Sicily since long before the Ancient Greeks. It reached its cultural height during the Arab occupation, when it became known for the high quality of its mosques and palaces and their vibrant gardens, many of which are still worth a visit today. Today, it is also the home of several important wine makers.

About Tunis

The capital, Tunis, reflects the country's rich diversity. Its French colonial past is still evident across the city and the country, as it only gained independence in 1956. The most notable evidence is the cuisine, with its blend of sophisticated French styles and Arab spices.

The city of Tunis also contains the remains of what was Roman Carthage, while the Roman ruins at Dougga and El Jem are some of the finest in Africa.

Tunis is home to 1 in 10 of the country's population, combining a modern, European-style city of tree-lined promenades with a vibrant, atmospheric medina listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Other Tunis attractions include the Zitouna Mosque (Great Mosque), the largest in Tunisia, or the National Bardo Museum, which houses one of the world's greatest collections of Roman mosaics. Another popular attraction is the National Museum of Carthage.


  • 05 Jul 2018
    No complaints and value for money
    • Check in could be made a little clearer. No one tells you that you have to have your ticket stamped if you are taking a vehicle. This is to check height of vehicle is as stated. Only once your ticket is stamped can you check in at the office. Other than that a pleasant journey.

      Review by Anon

  • 10 Sep 2014
    NEVER travel with Grande Navi Veloci; the worst trip EVER (and I travel extensively)
    • I want to preface this post by saying this is my first ever negative post about a company. The Grande Navi Veloci is extremely unprofessional, seriously neglectful and unbelievably stingy. I live and work on the road and have traveled through dozens of countries, I understand problems occur. It’s the way a company chooses to address them that defines their corporate culture. • My ferry was half way to Tunis, Tunisia, from Palermo, Italy, when 2 out of the 3 engines stopped working. It was turned around and returned to Palermo. I spent 10 hours on a boat only to return to where I started. The crew did not take advantage of the 5 hour return time to make any arrangements for the passengers. • Upon docking, we learned that all the cabins had already been distributed. We were expected to sleep in the Pullman room with all of our belongings. The company made no effort to help find us alternative accommodation or transport. It was after midnight and they insisted on holding our passports if we wanted to re-board the boat in the morning (they guaranteed we’d be leaving by 10am). • Anger was flaring and the security was so poor that a passenger stormed the bridge and managed to smash a window in the attempt to commandeer the boat (at least that was the general belief as to why he took the actions he did). The screaming, yelling, pushing, shoving and general animal like behavior of the passengers, being uncontained by security, caused me to feel I would be at risk if I remained on board. • We arrived the next morning on time and waited for hours, only to be told that the boat was not yet repaired, but that we would be sailing later in the day. The Grande Navi Veloci offered us a lunch that would barely pass as acceptable in a hospital or high school cafeteria. Passengers had to fight with the staff in order to receive free bottles of water. • Much later in the day, we were informed that the boat could not be repaired and we would be leaving on a new vessel that would be arriving the next morning. We were told to be ready to leave at 6am. • The following day no reliable information was forthcoming from the staff and we finally boarded the new boat in a disorderly stampede midmorning. • There was one employee on the new vessel that, with the help of an assistant, dispersed the cabin keys to every single incoming passenger. We all waited in a very long line for a long time. An even more inedible lunch was served. Maybe I should have found my own alternative path to Tunisia, but I kept giving the company the benefit of the doubt because I sincerely couldn’t believe they could be this inept, rude and indifferent. Three days of missed tickets and accommodations are annoying, but the physical and mental wear and tear of the journey amounts to a much higher cost. There was no offer of refund from Grande Navi Veloci, although their bylaws declare a 25 – 50 percent refund for delay. I emailed them over a week ago, but received no response. Do not travel with Grande Navi Veloci under any circumstances.

      Review by Michelle Green

  • 22 Aug 2014
    Not recommendable!
    • I'm sorry to say this, but this was by far the worst trip we took over the last years! It already started with the check-in procedure. On our voucher was mentioned to be at the port "1 hour prior to departure (for foot passengers)", while on Grandi Navi Veloci's website it mentioned "4 hours for trips to Tunisia". Of course, at six o'clock in the morning, we were the only people (idiots) standing in front of the office. The "experienced" traveller came around 2 hours prior to the scheduled departure. The ship left with a delay of approx. 2 hours. The trip itself was just terrible. The longest 10 hours of our life. There was just nothing to do on board and the TV in front of us didn't work either. (Tunisian) passengers were either arguing about their seats or just laying on the floor and around the seats, as they didn't have a valid seat reservation. You had to step over them to have a little walk, stretch your legs or just go the bathroom. The bathroom itself was dirty all the time, even though somebody was constantly "cleaning" it. The food was OK, but way too expensive. Maybe we have to blame ourselves a little bit too, that we didn't prepare better for this trip, but it was just not what we expected. Definitely the last trip on this route! In the future we'll take the plane again.

      Review by Anon

  • 02 Mar 2014
    Never again
    • Left late and arrived late. Asked for an outside cabin at reception was given inside one, it was so late and we were so tired that we accepted at the time. The bathroom was very old, shower curtain falling apart and shower head was dripping all night. Rust everywhere. Cigarette burns everywere in the bathroom. Blankets dirty and old. Entrance door was smeared with cakes?????. People sleeping outside our cabin, talking loudly 4.30 in the morning we asked them to leave they refused. Informed crew next morning but Tunisians apparently ignored them. People sleeping all over the ship on floors with large beddings etc. ,and smoking inside ship including the car hold when it was time to depart. Rubbish left everywhere. During unloading there were no crew in our hold to supervise, chaotic scenes and shouting, everyone trying to get off the boat at the same time. Apart from these items the crossing was good.

      Review by Anon

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Palermo to Tunis Popular Questions

Want to know more about your journey from Palermo to Tunis? We've compiled some of the most frequently asked questions by our customers to help you plan your journey.

How long does the ferry from Palermo to Tunis take?

The average journey time by ferry between Palermo to Tunis is 11 hrs 24 min. The journey time may vary, so use our booking engine on this page to search for a specific travel date.

How fast does the ferry from Palermo to Tunis travel?

The fastest journey time by ferry from Palermo to Tunis is 10 hrs, with Grimaldi Lines.

What time does the first ferry from Palermo to Tunis leave?

The first ferry from Palermo to Tunis leaves at 02:00 with Grimaldi Lines. Times may vary depending on the time of year.

What time does the last ferry from Palermo to Tunis leave?

The last ferry from Palermo to Tunis leaves at 12:30 with Grimaldi Lines. Times may vary depending on the time of year.

Which ferry companies operate between Palermo to Tunis?

Ferries travelling from Palermo to Tunis are operated by Grandi Navi Veloci and Grimaldi Lines.

Looking for more information?

If you're looking for the return journey, check out Tunis to Palermo.