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The Porto Torres to Civitavecchia ferry connects Sardinia to Italy and is operated by Grimaldi Lines. As well as comparing prices and times for Porto Torres to Civitavecchia, we will also show you results for 5 other routes to help you get from Sardinia to Italy at the best time, for the best price:

  • Arbatax to Civitavecchia
  • Cagliari to Civitavecchia
  • Cagliari to Naples
  • Cagliari to Napoli
  • Olbia to Civitavecchia

Book a Porto Torres to Civitavecchia ferry today with AFerry. Just use the form above and choose the route that you want. If nothing appears automatically, start typing Porto Torres. You can also type the country or even the name of the ferry company you are interested in. When you have the route that you want, choose single or return and all the other options you want.

How we compare ferries, prices and times for Porto Torres to Civitavecchia

If there is more than one ferry company operating on the Porto Torres Civitavecchia route we will show you all the ferry companies, to make sure you get our best price. We'll also show you any routes similar to Porto Torres to Civitavecchia so you have the complete picture when making your booking. And of course you'll also see a range of times just in case it's a bit cheaper earlier or later than your preferred booking time.

How you get your ticket and how you can make changes if you need to

Once you've chosen your perfect sailing and have made your booking we'll email you your booking confirmation for your Porto Torres to Civitavecchia ferry. The majority of tickets have instant confirmation.

We will also email you details about how you can contact us using our messaging service, as well as details about how you can change your ticket. Most of the time you can do this by yourself. The vast majority of our customers give us a review of four or five stars showing that their very happy with our service and communication.

Below you can see the ferry company or companies that sail on the Porto Torres to Civitavecchia route and the journey times. You might also see some recent prices our customers have found. The best way to find a cheap Porto Torres to Civitavecchia ferry though is to use the form above today to see all of our possible choices.

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With AFerry we always give you our best prices for ferries from Porto Torres to Civitavecchia. No matter which page you book from we always include all our special offers. And there is no need to look for a discount code. If we have an offer available, your ferry price will include the reduction or offer. There's no need to look at other websites.

If you're not sure if the Porto Torres to Civitavecchia route is right for you or you can't decide between ferry companies, if there is more than one, you might also find it useful to read any reviews we have available. We ask all our customers to send us reviews for Porto Torres to Civitavecchia ferries. Remember though, that the earlier you book, the cheaper prices normally are. So don't spend too long deciding! Porto Torres to Civitavecchia is a popular route, so we advise you to book as soon as possible.

About Porto Torres

The Basilica of San Gavino is well worth a visit. Dating from the 11th Century, it is made up of precious hard stones such as marble. It is the only example of its type in Sardinia.

About Civitavecchia

Civitavecchia Ferry Port has access to the most important national and European road and rail networks.

Civitavecchia(meaning "ancient Town") took the brunt of the two World Wars because of its strategic importance as a Roman Port and in the due course most of the city's archaeological treasures and old buildings were destroyed.

But, some of the interesting sites that still remain are the 16th century Fort Michelangelo and the Piazza Leandra along with some interesting hot spring baths from the Roman times.

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  • 08 Jul 2016
    Delay 5 hours
    • Delay 5 hours

      Review by Anon

  • 07 Jun 2012
    Outstanding staff and food!!! Excellent time :)
    • The ONLY issue we had aboard was disembarkation, everything else was spot on perfect, but we were sent on a wild goose chase to our vehicle along with some other people who were equally confused as to where to go. We were sent three different places and finally when we (and the other family ) found our vehicles we were the last few and had to leave with the much larger lorries(semi-trucks). that is literally the ONLY issue, a very stressful 10 minutes or so :) FOOD was really really great, staff was EXCELLENT and fun. We would definitely do this trip again on the Cruise Roma!!!!!!

      Review by John Blackwell