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Propriano Routes

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Book a ferry to Propriano with AFerry. Ferries to Propriano, in Corsica, are available from France and Sardinia. You can take a ferry to Propriano from Marseille and Porto Torres.

Propriano Ferry Companies

Ferries to and from Propriano are operated by La Meridionale. When you search for a ferry to Propriano, we will always show a range of times just in case it's cheaper earlier or later than the time you select. We'll also show you results for similar ports like Ajaccio, Bonifacio and Porto Vecchio to help you find the best times and prices to suit your plans.

Propriano ferries with La Meridionale are known for their comfort and high levels of service, and you will feel like your holiday has begun the moment you step on board. Travelling to Propriano will be easy and hassle free. Start by making your booking today, it's quick and easy.

  • Propriano Ferries
  • Propriano Ferries
  • Propriano Ferries

About Propriano

Propriano is located on the west coast of Corsica in the Mediterranean sea. Propriano is a lively, seaside town with restaurants, shops and a picturesque marina which is a popular tourist destination in its own right. Once a site to be squabbled over from everyone from the Turks to the Vandals, Propriano is now a gateway port between the island of Corsica and France and Sardinia. Situated on the coast of south-west Corsica, it is about halfway between the large towns of Ajaccio and Bonifacio with easy road connections to both.

Propriano itself is a charming small town and well worth a visit. The Church of Notre Dame de la Misericorde is one the biggest sights in the centre of town and the beautiful historic buildings date from the early 19th century. There are also quite a few beaches nearby with crystal clear waters which you can visit by car or by boat. For these reasons and more Propriano has become more popular in recent years and you'll find a variety of restaurants, cafes and hotels to cater to your needs.

Ferries to and from Propriano

SNCM Ferries operate routes out of Propriano. SNCM has a fleet of 10 ships including cruise ships, cargo and passenger ships and a fast craft. All SNCM ferries have a range of onboard facilities including restaurants, bars and duty free shops. You may also find a games room, a swimming pool and a solarium onboard some ships. Propriano port is located in the town and Propriano has good transport links to the rest of Corsica.

Book your ferry from the beautiful Corsican town of Propriano to France and Sardinia simply and securely with AFerry.

Propriano port facilities

Propriano has a full complement of facilities and services available for your pleasure.

Getting to Propriano

Propriano is located off the N196. Once you reach the town, signs for the port are clearly displayed and are worth trusting.

Propriano Map

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Port Addresses

La Meridionale

15 Quai l' Herminier, 20110 Propriano, Corsica

Corsica Linea

15 Quai l'Herminier, 20110 Propriano, Corsica


  • 02 Nov 2014
    Some difficulties
    • In overall it was quite interesting and impressed journey.

      Review by Aleksandr Uskov

  • 01 Nov 2014
    Nothing to eat
    • First we did not find the check in. It was no signs at all and we see several people with the same problem. No place was open so we could not have something to eat. All information was in Italian or French, nothing in English, Why not?!

      Review by Hans-Ake Westerlund

  • 08 Oct 2014
    Ferry to Corsica
    • Much prefer La Meridionale and previously CNM to SNCM. SNCM staff are supercilious, patronising and are all that we find wrong in French ferries! La Meridionale, although much busier than CNM, still retain similar staff ( in some instances the same) and have the same helpful attitude. Loading of car and large boat trailer can sometimes be interesting, but have always delivered us in one piece! I would recommend this company as the ferry to use to go to Propriano.

      Review by Barry Holme

  • 27 Sep 2013
    Cancelled ferry crossing
    • Our ferry sailing was cancelled, and no notice was given. On arrival at the port we found a note at the office stating that the ferry was cancelled for 'technical issues' or similar, and giving opening hours for a separate office in town. As far as I could see, the ferry did not appear to even be in the port, which would suggest that the company had known the sailing was not to take place substantially in advance. This meant our bus trips to get to Porto Torres were unnecessary, and subsequently necessitated our taking further buses to Sainta Theresa, finding late minute accommodation there, taking another ferry the next morning, then further buses to get to Propriano, missing a reserved nights accommodation, and a days car rental. Cancellations happen from time to time, that is life - but when they do occur, some improved communication would go a long way towards minimising the disruption to travel plans and the consequent additional costs and frustration involved. Ont the up-side, my request for a refund was dealt with promptly and professionally.

      Review by Anon

  • 20 Jan 2013
    Winter meditearrean
    • Warm shine, cool wind, white ship ... Beautiful, wonderful... I feel so good. Afferry is very easy reserve, easy connection. Your choice is verygood!!!

      Review by yoon jeong han

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