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Sakaiminato is connected to Russia via the port of Vladivostok. On average, there is one crossing per week between Sakaiminato and Russia, operated by DBS Cruise Ferry. Crossings from Sakaiminato to Vladivostok usually take around 17 hours.

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About Sakaiminato

The port of Sakaiminato is one of the most famous fishery ports in Japan and is also the major port of the Tottori prefecture. Its two main claims to fame are anime and crabs. The Matsuba crab is caught in the region and served up as a local culinary dish. Sakaiminato is also the hometown of Japanese manga artist Shigeru Mizuki. His legacy still lives on through his creations, which can be seen around Sakaiminato's streets.

The city's landmark is the 'Yumeminato Tower' that stands in 'Yumeminato-Koen' Park. The observation room on the top floor offers a full 360-degree view, which includes stunning views of the Sea of Japan and the majestic Mt. O-yama.

About Russia

You can experience anything from subarctic climates in the north to subtropical climates in the Russian towns and cities around the Black Sea, such as Sochi.

Once part of East Prussia, Kaliningrad is of glacial topography, yet the climate is relatively moderate with cool summers and mild winters.

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