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About San Sebastien de La Gomera

San Sebastien de La Gomera is the biggest town and the capital of the island of La Gomera. The beautiful and historic town of San Sebastian La Gomera is one of the less visited destinations of the Canary Islands. The island is well known for being the place that Christopher Columbus prepared his ships before he sailed to America in 1492. The Church of La Asuncion in San Sebastian, where he and his sailing crew attended mass, still stands today and is well worth a visit.

The island itself is almost the polar opposite of the nearby island of Tenerife. It has been described as the Canary Island that mass tourism forgot. Although only about 15 miles from end to end, crossing the island is like crossing continents. Down at the coasts, you'll find deserts and palm trees, trek inland towards the volcano that lies in the centre however and you'll come across green forests packed with dense natural vegetation.

The island's geography mean that there's only a small airport making ferry travel a much more realistic way of reaching the island. However, don't be deterred, visiting La Gomera is a great way to extend any holiday - and add a whole different dimension - to any holiday in Tenerife. And the hop is only about 40 minutes long.

If you come from Tenerife expecting more the same, you may in for a disappointment - or a pleasant surprise - depending on what you're after. Restaurants mainly shut at around 10pm and you won't find any clubs - just a few sedate bars. In fact, La Gomera is far better know for it's wildlife than it's nightlife. Travelling to the interior is well worth it and so is taking advantage of one or more of the many hiking trails.

The Unesco-listed Garajonay National Park in particular should be on any visitor's itinerary. This densely packed park shows how much of the area and the mediterranian would have looked were it not for man. It really is like walking on the set of Jurrasic Park.

Of course there is a lot more to do and see on this stunning and historic island, but we hope for now that you're convinced it's worth a visit. But don't tell all your friends. We want this jewel of an island to retain it's non-touristic charm.

For more information on the Canary Islands in general, please read ourCanary Islands guide.

About Tenerife

Tenerife is the largest and the most happening island of the Canaries.

The sun, the Mediterranean climate, lovely sandy beaches and of course the incredible volcanic landscape makes Tenerife a popular destination for holiday makers. You can simply sun bathe on the sandy beaches or explore the island.

You are never short of things to do in those incredible surroundings with many local pubs, restaurants and discos; vibrant culture and architecture and various water sports.

Tenerife is popular with tourists with resorts built around stunning beaches perfect for sunbathing. But if you want to get away from all that and experience real Canarian culture then a visit to the capital, Santa Cruz de Tenerife is highly recommended. In February the annual carnival takes place, which is second only to Rio in terms of classic fiesta spirit.

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