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St Petersburg has historically been Russia's window on the West. Today, ferries from St Petersburg go to Helsinki in Finland and Stockholm in Sweden. Below, you can see departure information and a selection of our best prices.

  • St Petersburg Ferries
  • St Petersburg Ferries
  • St Petersburg Ferries

Ferries to and from St Petersburg

The Princess Maria, flagship of St Peter Line, is a modern, comfortable ship that boasts a full range of on board services, including a casino, reception area, range of on-board restaurants and bars and a sauna. There is also a large duty free shop. There are frequent special events on board the ship to provide added excitement to the crossing. Cabins come in a range of styles and sizes.

About St Petersburg

In short, it's a city with a beating heart, a vibrant history and an integral future in modern Russia. Very different in character from Moscow, the city is known for being modern, progressive and cool, featuring great shopping and nightlife to complement the wide range of historic sites. Today, it makes a great entry port into exploring Russia further, with St Peter Line offering sailings to St Peter Line from Helsinki in Finland.

Owing to Peter the Great's passion for boats and sailing, the city is perfectly served for ferry services, and recent visa regulation relaxations have made it even more attractive for tourists. One site definitely worth seeing is the Winter Palace - legend has it that Russian citizens walking past the front of the Winter Palace during the reign of the Peter the Great were in constant danger of being pulled from the street in order to be subjects for the enthusiastic though somewhat over confident Tsar's amateur dentistry experiments. Visitors to the capital will be relieved to discover that this is no longer a danger they face.

Visa requirements

Visitors from the EU should note that Russian visa regulations are very strict and can be complicated. A recent change in the law has allowed visitors to stay in Russia for up to 72 hours without a Visa, providing they arrive and leave by ferry and use the St Peter Line approved Tour Bus. For those wishing to stay longer, a Visa will be required. Russian visas require an invitation from a resident of Russia before they can be processed - most hotels will be happy to supply this information.

Please note that if you are entering Russia on a visa, you will also need to provide proof of insurance - most travel insurance companies are able to supply the relevant paperwork. If at all in doubt, please check with before booking with the Foreign Office - mistakes can be very costly and may result in imprisonment.

Please note that your passport and insurance details must be carried on your person at all times whilst in Russia and may be inspected at any time by a member of the State Security Police.


The best way to get around St Petersburg and to the port is by public transport. The Metro is especially good value for money, with trains to anywhere on the system being no more than a few roubles. Taxis are also a common way of getting around the city; though make sure to stick to marked official taxis to avoid any danger of getting scammed.

St Petersburg Map

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Port Addresses

St Peter Line

Vasilyevsky ostrov, Marina station, Sq. Morskoi Slavy, Russia


  • 22 Sep 2016
    Happy traveller
    • Pleased that the ferry to St. Petersburg left from the same port as the one we arrived on from Tallinn

      Review by Carol

  • 15 Jun 2014
    Helsinki to St Petersburg and back
    • I enjoyed the experience

      Review by Anon

  • 27 Sep 2013
    Overnight to St Petersburg
    • Checking in at Helsinki was a breeze and the crossing smooth. Although the website said we would not arrive at the normal terminal because of the G20, this was not the case.

      Review by Anon

  • 18 Jun 2013
    St. Pete ferry
    • My wife and I took the overnight ferry to St. Petersburg and it was great!! The food was great, the room was adequate and the scenery was spectacular. We would do it again in a minute. In fact, we are planning our next trip already and we have only been home for 3 days. I would recommend the ferry trip to anyone.

      Review by William Wood

  • 31 May 2013
    • Make sure you have Euros or food voucher. BEFORE getting onboard if coming from Russia. Otherwise you CANNOT EAT OR DRINK FOR 15 HOURS!!! The room is tiny and spartan, which is not a huge issue but the bedding was not soft or comfortable - considering the price better bedding would be expected. In the all you can eat buffet the food is fine, but the staff continually try to clear your stuff away and are visibly annoyed if you get up to get another included glass of wine or a bit more food and don't leave... This is unacceptable as you pay for all you can eat and drink and there are fixed times for sessions lasting an hour and a half. Why should I be made to feel uncomfortable and that I should be leaving from about 20 minutes into my hour and a half seating? There is immense pressure to get you out as quick as possible, despite the excessively high price tag for average food. There is a distinct lack of efficiency in disembarkation. They like everyone up on the side where the lifts are...????!!!!??? So every 5 seconds the lifts open and people try and cram into the queue and queue jump... This is just idiotic. Queuing on the other side of the room would eliminate this. We weren't even on the right side for exit so this was just a failure to think things through. The whole thing masquerades as a cruise with facilities, but the staff make you feel like cattle. There is a cinema... No films... ! It served its purpose and st petersburg is amazing. But this ferry is horribly overpriced and the staff need a severe talking to about their attitude Oh and go on Princess Maria if you can... It's newer nicer and cleaner. Anastasia is old and grubby It's a good way to get to Russia without a visa but nothing more

      Review by Honest person

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