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Stromboli Routes

Book a ferry to Stromboli with AFerry. You can use Stromboli to take ferries around the Aeolian Islands and also to Italy and Sicily. Domestic services in the Aeolian Islands are available from Stromboli to Lipari and Vulcano while ferries away from the Aeolian Islands sail to Milazzo and Napoli.

Stromboli Ferry Companies

Ferries to and from Stromboli are operated by Liberty Lines, Siremar and SNAV. Because 3 ferry companies operate in and out of Stromboli, comparing can be very useful to help you find the best price at the best time for you. When you search for a ferry to Stromboli, we will always show a range of times just in case it's cheaper earlier or later than the time you select.

Stromboli ferries with Liberty Lines, Siremar and SNAV are known for their comfort and high levels of service, and you will feel like your holiday has begun the moment you step on board. Travelling to Stromboli will be easy and hassle free. Start by making your booking today, it's quick and easy.

  • Stromboli Ferries
  • Stromboli Ferries
  • Stromboli Ferries

About Stromboli

Stromboli is a small and beautiful island and contains one of the three active volcanoes in Italy. The volcano of Stromboli stands approximately 900m high above sea level, but in total rises over 2,000m from the ocean floor. Stromboli Ferry Port is situated on the tiny island of Stromboli in the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is located along the northern coast of Sicily, Italy and part of the Aeolian Islands.

Ferries to and from Stromboli

SNAV has the latest and the fastest fleet in the Mediterranean composed mostly of hydrofoils and catamarans. SNAV ferries are capable of reaching speeds of up to 38 knots. All of the SNAV catamarans and hydrofoils have cafeterias and snack bars on board.

Ustica Lines runs a fleet of 25 high-speed vessels, each ship equipped with air-conditioned rooms, TV, music, reclining seats and an onboard bar serving refreshments and snacks. The fastest ships can reach speeds of 36 knots.

SNAV and Ustica Lines both offer great deals and promotions on Stromboli ferry crossings, and you can take advantage of these by booking simply and securely with AFerry.

Stromboli port facilities

Stromboli Ferry Port offers a full range of services and facilities.

Getting to Stromboli

The island is small and Stromboli Ferry Port is well signposted.

Stromboli Map

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Port Addresses


Molo Scari , I - 98050 Stromboli , Italy

Liberty Lines

, 98050 Stromboli ME, Italy


  • 19 Jun 2017
    Long journey but comfortable
    • The journey was long for more than 3 hours and not arrived on time. It was an expensive trip as well. But the facilities on board were good and the staff were helpful. Therefore, I would suggest and give a 5 star rating.

      Review by Anon

  • 05 Oct 2015
    • Everything is good, I recommend. Quick, Clean Ship.

      Review by PETAR DEYANOV

  • 24 Jul 2013
    Napoli to Stromboli
    • This was an enjoyable trip to Stromboli, having never been on a hydrofoil before. It was comfortable and tidy. I would definitely choose to travel this way again.

      Review by AJ Brewster (Author & Poet)

  • 26 Jun 2011
    Naples to Stromboli
    • Our biggest problem was not knowing exactly which point in Naples to depart from. We booked on line and although there are two different points in Naples that SNAV sails from we were not given any indication which one to go to. We knew we had to go to the office to get our tickets. We found the portside office the night before our trip and as there was an SNAV boat right behind it thought that was the right port for us. We went there the following day and got our tickets but only then discovered we had to get to the other port, a 15 minute taxi ride away. We are still unclear whether we could also have got our tickets at that point as well. It would have been helpful if there had ben a map on our downloaded information making the directions clear.

      Review by Anon

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