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Tanger Ville is connected to Spain via the port of Tarifa. On average, there are 8 crossings each day between Tanger Ville and Spain, which are operated by FRS and Inter Shipping. Crossings from Tanger Ville to Tarifa usually take around 1 hour.

The above information is a basic summary on the services between Tanger Ville and Spain. We recommend using our Ferry Search to find live ferry information and the latest prices.

About Tanger Med

The Tanger Med port is located at a point where the distance between Europe and Africa is at its shortest, just 14Km. This enormous port complex is ideal for all the ferry routes to and from Tanger and hence many ferry companies who are currently operating from the old Tanger port will be moving to the Tanger Med port housing 9 quays, modern port handling facilities and infrastructure along with huge car parks. Located at the meeting point of the Mediterranean and Atlantic, this Port is set to become the most popular port of the Mediterranean.

About Spain

Almost 65 million tourists headed to Spain in 2014, making it one of the most visited countries in the world. The ideal way to explore Spain must be by car or public transport. So why not take a ferry to Spain and really have your holiday your way. You'll also have the chance to discover unspoilt parts of the country and escape from the typical holiday hot spots.

With its many sea ports like Barcelona, Santander, Bilbao, Cádiz, Malaga and Balearic Islands among others, taking a ferry to Spain is an ideal way to enjoy the sun, superb food, local wine, monuments and hospitality.

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