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Book a ferry to Trapani with AFerry. Ferries to Trapani, in Sicily, are available from the Aegadian Islands. You can take a ferry to Trapani from Favignana.

Trapani Ferry Companies

Ferries to and from Trapani are operated by Liberty Lines. When you search for a ferry to Trapani, we will always show a range of times just in case it's cheaper earlier or later than the time you select. We'll also show you results for similar ports like Catania, Messina and Palermo to help you find the best times and prices to suit your plans.

Trapani ferries with Liberty Lines are known for their comfort and high levels of service, and you will feel like your holiday has begun the moment you step on board. Travelling to Trapani will be easy and hassle free. Start by making your booking today, it's quick and easy.

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Toulon - Trapani
(Corsica-Sardinia Ferries)
  • Booked: Tuesday, 2 July 2019
  • Travel: Monday, 16 September 2019 - Thursday, 3 October 2019
  • Car + 2

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About Trapani

Trapani Ferry Port lies on the west coast of Sicily and is a major fishing and ferry port. Even today, the main source of income for the local residents is still fishing and canning (especially Tuna) along with coral, salt, marble and marsala wine. Miles and miles of beaches make Trapani the perfect city for sun seekers, and the shallow waters offer a great place to swim for young children. The beautiful watch towers and windmills make up the skyline and that is just a small part of what Trapani is all about.

An ancient yet modern city, Trapani is home to the Romanesque and Renaissance buildings, as well as numerous churches. In amongst this rich history you will find modern shops and amenities, including an abundance of beachside restaurants.

Much of Trapani has Baroque style buildings all over, some of the notable ones are Church of Saint Agostino, Church of Santa Maria di Gesu, Triton's fountain and Palazzo della Giudecca. Trapani is also well known for seafood delicacies and other Sicilian cuisine.

Shops in Trapani generally open from 8.30am or 9am until 1pm, break for lunch and reopen again from 4pm through to 7.30pm or 8pm latest, Tuesday - Saturday. On Mondays shops are generally open only in the morning, and closed all day Sunday.

Ferries to and from Trapani

With Grimaldi Lines, you will also find numerous lounges with comfortable seating, restaurants and bars and children's play areas. Many of the ferries also operate swimming pools in the summer months and on some you can even treat yourself to a luxury spa treatment.

All Tirrenia Ferries provide a fantastic range of on board facilities. Some of which are luxurious lounges, a central area with panoramic views, bar hall, self service and a la carte restaurants, shopping and entertainment areas. There are also spacious cabins furnished to the highest standards.

Ustica Lines runs a fleet of 25 high-speed vessels, each ship equipped with air-conditioned rooms, TV, music, reclining seats and an onboard bar serving refreshments and snacks. The fastest ships can reach speeds of 36 knots.

The Siremar services from Trapani to The Aegadian Islands are available with AFerry. These services are available to foot passengers with a maximum luggage allowance of 10kg per person. Siremar uses fastcraft hydrofoils which can reach speeds of up to 40 knots.

Trapani port facilities

The main ferry terminal in Trapani is situated opposite Piazza Garibaldi. Facilities include money exchange, the Tirrenia and Siremar ticket offices and toilets.

Getting to Trapani port

Trapani is on the western side of Sicily. From the centre of Trapani, the port is easily reachable with a 40 minute walk or a short taxi ride. From Palermo, follow motorway A29 and once you enter Trapani follow directions to the port. The main terminal is located opposite Piazza Garibaldi, at the end of Via Ammiraglio Staiti.

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Port Addresses


  • 20 May 2019
    Pretty good!
    • Overall a pleasant experience. We have a 6M motorhomes, and the check-in, loading and unloading were faultless. Food was varied and reasonably well-cooked. I am gluten intolerant and there were two or three main course options to choose from - a plus! We had a bunk cabin - which was fine except for the mattress, which was hard - and the heating controls did not work. The shower etc were excellent. The ship was clean and the crew were friendly - and everything happened on time. Pretty good!

      Review by ANDREW KEMP

  • 07 Jul 2013
    Good but can improve
    • The staff on board explained that the Cagliari-Trapani route is meant for working travelers and not for holiday purposes. However, observing the passengers, I am of the opinion that they were mostly families on holiday. The boat offered little comfort and entertainment facilities. Il personale di bordo ha spiegato che la rotta Cagliari-Trapani è pensato per i viaggiatori di lavoro e non per scopo vacanza. Tuttavia, osservando i passeggeri, io sono del parere che essi erano per lo più le famiglie in vacanza. La barca ha offerto poco di conforto e di svago.

      Review by Joseph Palmer

  • 03 Mar 2013
    It would've been fine had it been on time.
    • Apparently the ferry had been rescheduled for 3 hours later, which I did not receive a notice of, but I suppose I could've checked, so I don't blame this on Grimaldi. In the end, however, the ship left only at about 8-9pm, which is quite a delay and moved the arrival to the unholy time of 4am. While this was an annoying nuisance, the rest of the stay was fine. Friendly staff and a lot of room (mind you, off season plus currently tourist-deprived Tunis), so I would suggest that company but would hope for the delay to be less grave and for reschedules to be announced to the passangers ahead of time.

      Review by Anon

  • 28 Nov 2011
    • This trip made me never want to travel by ferry again. We boarded 3 hours late and sat motionless for another 2 hours before finally leaving. Dinner was the only good thing as the food was very enjoyable (but a bit pricey). When departing the ferry I stood for almost 2 hours in a crowd of people to go through customs (aboard the ship) even though they had called for people to come almost an hour before THAT. (Why ask people to come with their passports if they need to wait 3 more hours?) Bathrooms were a place I tried to avoid due- although the women's was much better than the men's. Because of the major delay, we arrived (actually GOT OFF the boat) at around 2 am and I was unable to check in to my previously booked B&B and had to spend the night in a 24 hour cafe until the next morning. I know several people who missed flights and other travel connections because of the delay as well. My advise-- FLY. (The one star ratings were entered because it wouldn't allow me to submit with no stars chosen.)

      Review by Anon

  • 18 Jul 2011
    Sardinia to Sicily by cargo boat
    • We were surprised the ship left late and took an extra hour across too than advertised. We arrived in the dark instead of the light - a nuisance. The standard of the ship was poor compared to all our other crossings (to France, to Sardinia, & back to England). Poor catering, poor seating and facilities, but it did a job and we were grateful for that. We think it was basically a truckers' ship, so aimed at the lorry-driving community, and was different to the one whose schedule was advertised. Other ships in the line are likely to be a lot smarter (and faster).

      Review by John Reeves

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