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About Trapani

Trapani Ferry Port lies on the west coast of Sicily and is a major fishing and ferry port. Even today, the main source of income for the local residents is still fishing and canning (especially Tuna) along with coral, salt, marble and marsala wine. Miles and miles of beaches make Trapani the perfect city for sun seekers, and the shallow waters offer a great place to swim for young children. The beautiful watch towers and windmills make up the skyline and that is just a small part of what Trapani is all about.

An ancient yet modern city, Trapani is home to the Romanesque and Renaissance buildings, as well as numerous churches. In amongst this rich history you will find modern shops and amenities, including an abundance of beachside restaurants.

Much of Trapani has Baroque style buildings all over, some of the notable ones are Church of Saint Agostino, Church of Santa Maria di Gesu, Triton's fountain and Palazzo della Giudecca. Trapani is also well known for seafood delicacies and other Sicilian cuisine.

Shops in Trapani generally open from 8.30am or 9am until 1pm, break for lunch and reopen again from 4pm through to 7.30pm or 8pm latest, Tuesday - Saturday. On Mondays shops are generally open only in the morning, and closed all day Sunday.

About the Aegadian Islands

The Aegadian Islands are a group of small, mountainous rocky islands off the coast of Sicily. There is evidence to show that humans have inhabited the Aegadian Islands for hundreds of thousands of years, with Neolithic and Paleolithic paintings found in the caves of Levanzo.

Lesser known to tourists than the neighbouring Sicily or Aeolian Islands, you'll get a more authentic local experience in the Aegadian Islands. That said, the Aegadian Islands are set up well for tourism with fantastic accommodation, restaurants, caf├ęs, shops, bike hire and boat trips available.

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