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About Vladivostok

Vladivostok is a trade city and the administrative center of Primorsky Krai, Russia, situated close to Golden Horn Bay, and not far from Russia's borders with China and North Korea.

The Arsenyev Primorye Museum opened in 1890, is one of the main museums of Primorsky Krai. Along with the main facility, it has three branches in Vladivostok and five branches in other areas in Krai.

Weather varies depending on the time of the year, January is generally cold below freezing point, and August is fairly warm above 20°C . Most pleasant and sunny days are in August and September. The end of summer, however, could bring Pacific monsoons that last for a few days in a row.

About Donghae

The Port of Donghae is in central east shores of South Korea and offers ferries to Russia and Japan which can be booked at AFerry

The City of Donghae emerging as one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Korea. Located in a mountainous area with many caves and stunning natural beauty.

Port of Donghae has many caves, Cheongok is one of the most visited cave which was discovered during the construction of the new city hall, this natural limestone cave has been producing rare stones for 400-500 million years. It is accompanied by a cave museum that offers information and history of the cave.

'Mangsang Beach' is the most popular beach on South Korea's east coast. With crystal clear water and beautiful white sands along with pine trees, the beach has a lot to offer. Visitors will find hotels and modern facilities at the beach. The 'Mangsang Auto Camping Resort' attracts people who like camping instead of staying at a hotel. Resort is fully-equipped with cabins, tents, and visitor amenities, nice way relax on your holidays.


  • 16 May 2018
    Trans-Siberian Journey
    • This was the end of our Trans-Siberian journey. All went well.

      Review by CAROL MALONE

  • 17 Jan 2014
    The only option, and a pretty good one
    • The most important advice - take some food. The shop and bar are both really expensive (USD7 for a pot noodle!), and meal times in the buffet restaurant are a smash and grab affair with a strict time limit. Otherwise, the shared room was clean and comfy, the showers and toilets were fine and the staff were cool too. Access to safe hot and cold drinking water was a great convenience. Oh, and perfectly tolerable for me, I sleep through anything, but the engine noise was pretty loud in our cabin - take earplugs if you're a light sleeper.

      Review by Trans-Siberian Traveller

  • 13 Aug 2013
    Best way to leave Vladivostok (or arrive)
    • I travelled 2nd class. So 8 bunk beds per cabin, but very comfortable: large and long, reading light, good curtains for privacy, much space in the common area of the cabin, clean. But you cannot lock the cabin as there is only one key for all passengers. As a westerner you should definitely prefer bunk-beds, not floor cabins. Floor cabins have no privacy (which may lead to getting into interesting contacts though). Attention: Rubels are neither accepted for payment, nor can you exchange them! Yen, Won, Dollars and credit cards are fine. Information desk staff speaks good English. No proper Lounge, only bars etc. and banks outside. Leaving Vladivostok by ferry is a whopper!

      Review by Martin Joslyn

  • 31 Jul 2013
    a nice trip from Russia to South Korea
    • We are happy with our choice to travel from Russia( Vladivostok) to South Korea ( Donghae) by ferry. It gave us the respiro time between the experience of two cultures , time which we wouldn't have if we would had taken the plane. In Vladivostok, the Marine Terminal is just behind the main railway station, you just have to pass a walking bridge. Inside the terminal, the signs are not so obvious or are missing. Luckily there are people who are used to the formalities so all you have to do is follow them. This is how we found that we have to go in the office just in front the big souvenirs shop, to pay the terminal fee and take our tickets. Check your tickets to see if they are ok. we didn't and only in the ferry we discovered that we, husband and wife, were put into different cabins, even that we've bought the tickets together. It was easier to get embarked as well as disembarked because it is not as crowded as in an airport. The staff on the ferry was nice and helpful, and kind. All over was clean. We had a delicious breakfast with traditional Korean food. A minus was that there was not enough place for people to socialize inside when outside was bed weather. Still we could and share travelers stories with other people, and that would not have been possible if taking an airplane. Tip: Donghae Marin Terminal is quite far from downtown so you have to exchange some money in the exchange office there, even if the rate is not so good, in order to pay a taxi and so on. The express bus terminal was newly opened and didn't have an exchange office yet. So you pay for the bus ticket by card , or you change enough money on the maritime terminal.

      Review by ElenaIS

  • 15 May 2013
    Overland and sea to Korea - the final stage
    • This was a fascinating introduction to East Asia. The boat was a manageable size with plenty of outside deck space to go for a bracing walk. Staff were very obliging. Our first class cabin had 4 bed rolls and a shower room . It was just as well there were only 3 of us booked as there was mnot a lot of floor space for a fourth. The restaurnat opened for dinner and breakfast for about one hour each. Access via the kitchens was an unusual arrangement. The food was decidedly eastern with little concession to western food. There was plenty though and the fresh rambutans were good. Passport control was slow at Donghae. Those continuing to Japan need to disembark for 4 hours.

      Review by A & A Huddersfield

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